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Kratt Brothers' Popular TV Show Now on Stage

Brothers Chris and Martin Kratt have been developing quality educational programming for children for nearly two decades. Generations have grown up loving — and learning from — them. Their current show “Wild Kratts” is a top-rated PBS offering that has garnered countless awards and nominations.

With the development of apps, books, online games, a toy line and now a North American tour, Wild Kratts has become a bona fide brand. Its reach spans far beyond the television screen, leaving the brothers busier than ever.

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They made a stop in our city on their current tour, and we loved Wild Kratts Live! Following the show, I had a chance to ask each a quick question:

Tell me a little bit about the development of Wild Kratts Live…

Martin: Well, we’ve gone out for a long time doing shows called "Amazon Adventure." And we thought, "Wow, we’ve got to do a Wild Kratts live show and activate creature powers in real life with the kids. It’d just be a lot of fun." So that’s how we got to do this.

With everything you have going on, how do you find time to “keep on creature adventuring?”

Chris: Oh, we’re REALLY busy. (laughter) Yeah, we don’t have much time these days to do anything except the show and our live stage show. But it’s really fun. We’re having a great time.

My 6-year-old daughter had two questions for Chris. She wanted to know when “Wild Kratts” would feature her favorite animal, the tiger. To which he replied, “You know, we haven’t yet but we really need to. Tigers are such cool creatures.”

As for when she can expect to see some new material, Chris and Martin announced during the performance they are currently hard at work on 26 new episodes of “Wild Kratts.” I’m told three new episodes are coming the week of April 22, to help PBS celebrate Earth Day.

Be sure to check your local listings for more details. And if you want to catch the Kratt brothers live, visit their website to see if they will be appearing in your city.

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Image credit Elizabeth Flora Ross

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