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10 Hottest Men of the Oscars

I absolutely LOVE the Oscars. I book out the entire day, invite friends over and use it as an excuse to start drinking cocktails in the early afternoon while watching the red carpet. One of the best things about awards season? Men in tuxedos, of course! Who are our favorite men this year? Easy…

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10. Ethan Hawke, "Boyhood"

Remember Ethan in "Before Sunrise"? I have had a special place in my heart for that face ever since then.

Image via Facebook

9. Benedict Cumberbatch, "The Imitation Game"

If I walked outside and said his name, 10 women would scream and frantically look around. Seriously, the ladies love him that much.

Image via Instagram

8. Takamasa Ishihara, "Unbroken"

I wouldn't mind showing him who's boss with a bamboo cane..

Image via New York Times

7. Mark Ruffalo, "Foxcatcher"

Even one of the most devoted and fabulous wives I know would drop her warm tray of cookies if Ruffalo knocked on her door.

Image via Fansshare

6. Jack O’Connell, "Unbroken"

I couldn’t stop thinking about giving him a bath the entire time I watched "Unbroken."

Image via Getty Images

5. David Oyelowo, "Selma"

If I ever have the chance to stare into those eyes at close range I hope someone catches me when my legs turn to jello…

Image via Hide the Hidden

4. Channing Tatum, "Foxcatcher"

Whose ass looks amazing in those weird wrestling banana hammocks? His does.

Image via Examiner

3. Ed Norton, "Birdman"

I have fantasized about a dark elevator encounter with Ed since "Fight Club." Brad can join if he wants to…

Image via Getty Images

2. Chris Pine, "Into the Woods"

The whole Kirk thing aside, he looks crazy hot in the whole Prince get up and can chase me through the woods any day…

Image via Instagram

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1. Bradley Cooper, "American Sniper"

Voted “Most Bangable” by all the women I texted. Is it the eyes or the smile? Who knows, but I guarantee he’s going to look absolutely gorgeous in his tux.

Image via GQ

Who’s your favorite Oscar man? Will you be searching the red carpet for anyone special? Tweet us and we’ll share a photo of your man. Now, where’s that margarita…

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