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Toddler Tantrums Spare No One, Not Even Kim

Not many fashionistas get the chance to sit between the likes of Anna Wintour and Beyoncé, but little North West did just that at the New York Fashion Week debut of dad Kanye West's collaboration with Adidas. The clothes, by the way, are perfect for those wanting to look dope and post-apocalyptic. But it was little North who stole the show when she threw a bit of a tantrum.

Runs in the family, some might say.

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We've all been there. Your child starts crying at the most inopportune time. I know that feeling, Kim Kardashian. You run the gamut of emotions: frustration, helplessness, shame. The worst feeling of all is fearing others might be judging you for not being the kind of mom who can keep her child under control — as if this were even possible with toddlers.

The last time this happened to me, we were at brunch when my daughter started crying and flailing. Maybe my mistake was thinking I could take my daughter to brunch. So I picked her up and she went into that flop that means, "I hate everything right now." I knew it was my cue to wrap up the meal and leave, if only for the sake of those whose mimosas we'd interrupted.

I can't imagine going through that in front of a crowd of eager photographers, especially if you're with people you want to impress. So, I feel for Kim Kardashian.

But just a little.

You can't feel too sorry for her, because she promptly signaled to some assistant or nanny for help and, in a moment's time, little North was ushered away from the front row and presumably went to a more toddler-friendly place backstage. Unlike some, I don't fault Kardashian for bringing her daughter to fashion week. North's dad was enjoying a major moment in his career and who wouldn't want to share that with family?

What I find more puzzling are Beyoncé and Wintour, both mothers themselves, looking away so intently from North's crying. Perhaps there are superstar social graces we don't know about, but a glance of sympathy and understanding is not much to ask for from any fellow mom — especially a mom friend.

I know one thing for certain: no one felt worse about the tantrum than Kim Kardashian and that makes me like her more. She's a mom bringing her daughter along for her day and sometimes things don't go as expected. Kim didn't have to leave the room because she delegated.

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That's a mom skill too.

I'd say the tantrum was a refreshingly real NYFW moment. Not a faux pas.

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