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10 Sexiest Reasons to Watch the BNP Open

Last year, I decided to attend the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells and I was not only blown away by how fun it was, but also by the parade of gorgeous tennis men. As I sat 6 feet away from Nadal playing a practice match with Federer, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to scream or cry. It was 100 degrees out in the blazing sun, but I was not about to give my front row seat up for anything—not even heatstroke.

This year I will be more prepared and armed with bottled ice water and a zoom lens. I’ll be sure to share all the handsomeness with you, if I can stop drooling long enough to actually snap a photo.

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In the meantime, these are my Top 10 sexiest reasons to watch the BNP Open. You can tune in with me March 9-22 on Tennis Channel and the ESPN networks.

10. Roger Federer - Switzerland

Image via Instagram

9. Kei Nishikori - Japan

Image via Twitter

8. Gael Monfils - France

Image via Instagram

7. Feliciano Lopez - Spain

Image via Instagram

6. Andy Murray - Scotland

Image via Instagram

5. Tomas Berdych - Czech Republic

Image via Instagram

4. Grigor Dimitrov - Bulgaria

Image via Instagram

3. Rafael Nadal - Spain

Image via Instagram

2. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - France

Image via Instagram

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1. Novak Djokovic - Serbia

This man's tight white shorts clinging to his perfect butt may be one of the best things ever. Seriously.

Image via Instagram

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