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9 Signs You're the Mom Nobody Likes

You know that mom in your circle that nobody likes, the one that drives everyone crazy and seems to be totally unaware of how annoying she is? If you answered yes, that's good. If you answered no, well... it might be you. Can you imagine? You might be the mami that no one can stand! You better take a quick look-see at this list of telltale signs.

1. You show up to school drop off and pick up looking like you're going to the club, and you act like it too.

2. The dads swarm around you like bees to honey.

3. You act like you're just humble bragging about your kid, but really it's an indirecta so you can point out how much better your kid is than someone else's kid. Come on, it's not nice to put down kids!

4. You call other moms out when they've gained weight by saying, "Easy on the churros!"

5. You pack your kid lunches that look like little edible masterpieces. Seriously, who has time for that teddy bear nonsense?!

6. Clearly your kid is sick, but you send them to school or a party or a play date anyway because you've got stuff to do, mocos be damned.

7. You give other people's kids nicknames like "el Diablo." Of course you call your own little demonio, "mi Ángel."

8. Your kid's science projects are something you made or something you paid an engineer to make. Who do you think you are kidding?

9. You're always late for EVERYTHING and you try to blame it on your poor kid!

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