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DIY Colored Sand 'Alfombras'

Photograph by Tracy Lopez

"Alfombras" are decorative "carpets" made out of various materials, but usually with vibrantly dyed sawdust. These colorful carpets are created by church groups and families on the streets of Central American countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras during Semana Santa before Easter parades. Want to make your own alfombra? This step-by-step craft will show you how to make a Central American Easter "carpet" picture out of colored sand, glue and a few other materials, with your child!

Step 1: Gather materials.

Photograph by Tracy Lopez

You'll need:

  • Colored sand (available at most craft stores)
  • school glue
  • a pencil
  • poster board or card stock
  • small paintbrushes
  • paper plates or plastic cups

Step 2: Create your design.

Photograph by Tracy Lopez

Use a pencil to draw your design on a piece of poster board or card stock. Popular themes for "alfombras" include religious scenes and geometric patterns, but you can get as creative as you like!

Step 3: Apply glue.

Working in small sections and one color at a time, use a paintbrush to paint glue within the lines of your design.

Step 4: Apply sand.

Photograph by Tracy Lopez

Choose the color you'd like to apply then generously sprinkle sand on the area you painted with glue. To remove excess sand, carefully tilt your picture onto a paper plate or into a plastic cup. This sand can be reused for other areas of the drawing.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as needed to complete your "alfombra."

Step 5: Allow to dry and then admire your work!

Photograph by Tracy Lopez
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