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Mom's Guide: Why Your Teen Broke Down Over Zayn Malik

Has your teen been crying more than usual in the past week? Unable to eat, clutching her pillow and sobbing "Come back come back" while "Story of My Life" plays on an endless loop in the background? She may just be reacting to the news that Zayn Malik has left One Direction. Yes, I know it's already been seven whole days since the horrible event, but when the entire Universe comes crashing down and the earth stops spinning on its axis, it takes a while to recover.

Parents, try to be sensitive and remember how you felt when a similarly devastating event occurred, like when the Beatles broke up, or for me—when "Parenthood" got cancelled. (JOEL AND JULIA HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME?) In case you need to comfort your teen and guide them through this Zayntastrophe (I'm copyrighting that, by the way) here are some questions your teen might be asking:

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Why did Zayn leave One Direction? WHYYYYY?

According to his official statement, Zayn quit the band because of personal reasons related to being in one of the biggest boy bands of all time. "I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight." Of course, this translates to, "I'm tired of being overshadowed by these other dudes, and want to have a solo career."

But wait—is there more?

Leading up to his departure, there was talk that Zayn had cheated on his fiancé, Perrie Edwards, with a Swedish model. The stress of dodging the rumors—and probably dodging an angry fiancé and a jilted Swedish model—apparently became too much for the singer. "The media accused him of cheating and he exploded over it. He's had enough of the constant craziness," a source told People magazine.

And how are the fans taking Zayn's departure?

You be the judge of that:

Is he coming back? WELL, IS HE?

No, it doesn't look like it. Especially after news that he was officially cut out of the video that has been playing before all of the One Direction shows. Ouch.

Will he be replaced?

At this point there are no plans to replace him. But wait—Conan O'Brien may have found the perfect heartthrob to fill Zayn's sexy shoes.

You were just kidding about a solo career, right?

Not really. The day after he announced he was leaving the band, Zayn was already in the studio with U.K. producer Naughty Boy. On March 30, just one week after leaving the band, Zayn dropped his first single, "I Won't Mind."

Wait, what?! Can this story get any crazier?

Yes, yes it can! On Tuesday, March 31, the single was pulled from SoundCloud while Zayn's former bandmate Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy argued on Twitter. Zayn had accused the producer of trying to upset 1D fans by tweeting "Zaughty will rise," a reference to helping Zayn and his new career, along with a link to the new single.

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Now that Zayn is gone, who is the cutest member of One Direction?

Are you kidding me? Harry Styles of course.

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