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Zombie Apocalypse Preppers May Be Onto Something

There was an earthquake in Los Angeles Sunday night!

OK, it wasn't huge, but I had to pause "Game of Thrones" to make sure we weren't running for doorways.

I have a deep and constant fear of disasters. Earthquakes, hurricanes, zombie apocalypse—these are the things that wake me up at night. Sure, there are moments here and there when I'm thinking of other things, but when you really start to think about it, those survival preppers hanging out in yurts in the middle of the desert seem like they may be headed in the right direction.

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Sure, it's easy to tell yourself that when "the big one" hits, you can just pick up your phone and call a firefighter and they'll handle the rest, but if you spent 30 seconds reading about Hurricane Katrina, you know that simply isn't true. A few bottles of water and some expired camping food simply won't cut it.

Recently, I started noticing I was paying attention to more than just Rick Grimes' sexy lips while watching "The Walking Dead." I would wonder if I should buy some combat boots for my earthquake kit, or what the best antiseptic is, or what do the women do for one week every month? I mean they clearly can't touch on all those things, but do YOU have feminine hygiene and jock itch powder in your disaster kit? Didn't think so.

I actually called the shooting range near the airport and enquired about private lessons. Seriously.

Don't forget to add some whiskey minis or a box of wine to your kit.

At this point I decided to read "The Zombie Survival Guide" and found it was actually quite helpful and applied to many catastrophes, not just being attacked by the Living Dead. For example, a crow bar is the perfect weapon and has practical application for opening things and helping you climb over chain link fences. Plus you can fit it into a backpack as you flee whatever you are running from. I immediately went online and ordered one (I love Amazon Prime). The crow bar now lives in my nightstand, so heads up, you've received fair warning.

Now I'm in the midst of a full-blown disaster preparedness quest and have even started podcasting about it. Recently we had Roy Forbes from Survivault on the podcast, and he shared some amazing tips:

1. You need a gallon of water per person, per day and they recommend having seven days worth on hand. You can live weeks without food, but only days without water.

2. Your first aid kit should contain tourniquets and blood clotting sponges for zombie bites. I mean major injuries.

3. Do you take medication? You need a month's supply of all of these in your kit.

4. Create a plan and review it with your family CONSTANTLY. I know it's scary, but so is a tsunami.

5. Make sure your neighbors are prepared. Help them. The first place they'll come if they need anything is to you, and then your supplies are that much more limited.

6. Don't forget to add some whiskey minis or a box of wine to your kit. When you are sitting around waiting for the electricity to come back on, you'll be glad you did. Plus they make a great antiseptic and can help someone in full panic mode chill out.

Researching preparedness can actually be quite educational and entertaining, check out this guy's ingenuity:

Yes it's gross, but it's also super awesome.

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I'd love to continue to share the many tips I receive from my podcast guests and constant research with you here. Tweet me if you have questions or suggestions. I think we could all be better prepared, and sleep a little more securely ... or at least use it as an excuse to watch "The Walking Dead" and drool over Norman Reedus.

Image via AMC/imgkid

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