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10 Hot Reasons Moms Should See 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

Alright ladies, when your kids ask if they can see "The Avengers : Age of Ultron," the answer is YES.

That's it, just YES. These 10 reasons should convince you.

Bring snacks, you'll wanna keep your mouth busy so you don't drool too much.

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10. Tom Hiddleston

Image via IMDB

9. Mark Ruffalo

Image via Details.com

8. Jeremy Renner

Image via GQ

7. Don Cheadle

Image via milesdavis.com

6. Paul Bettany

Image via Inquisitr

5. Robert Downey Jr.

Image via GQ

4. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Image via Reddit

3. Chris Evans

Image via IMDB

2. Idris Elba

Image via Details

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1. Chris Hemsworth

Image via Twitter

Which is your favorite? Tweet me and let's discuss.

"The Avengers : Age of Ultron" opens May 1, 2015, so grab your tickets and I'll meet you there!

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