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iPhone Notifications Parents Really Need

Notifications are constantly popping up on our phone screens—from asking permission to send push notifications to telling us that our power is low. And while those notifications are great and sometimes even helpful, if the iPhone was really looking out for us parents, it might send us notifications that looked more like this.

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1. When you need to be reminded that it's about quality not quantity

2. When you'd rather lose all ability to communicate with anyone than see your toddler lose her shit

3. When you're up all night with your baby, "a.m." and "p.m." don't mean much to you anymore

4. When you turned your head for a nanosecond and forgot that toddlers are ninjas

5. Because you have a gazillion other things to remember to do

6. When you forget how different your life is now that you're a mom

7. When you are reminded that parenting has a price

8. When you try to prove that your days spent cutting up food for a tiny mouth, discussing episodes of "Bubble Guppies" and performing puppet shows have had no adverse effect on your ability to still be cool. And you fail miserably.

9. When you are just not thinking straight

10. When you're too exhausted to remember how you got to this point of exhaustion (and struggling memory) in the first place

11. When you take photo bursts throughout your daughter's entire pony ride

12. When you think that EVERYTHING your child does is adorable, and you think everyone else thinks it, too

13. When you just want to chill, bro

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14. When by mid-morning, you've already built 4 Mega Block My Little Pony "pirate ships," read 17 books, shut down three tantrums, cleaned the kitchen five times and managed to skillfully dodge flying poop, among other things.

Illustrations by Lauren Sian, Written by Andrea Wada Davies

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