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John Travolta's Son Was Not Having It on 'Letterman'

Photograph by AP

Most every parent can relate to that moment when their child feels excited to do something — until they don't. And suddenly they're not having any of it. Any. Of. It.

Well, that happened to John Travolta on Monday when he was a guest on the "Late Show With David Letterman."

Travolta's 4-year-old son Ben had second thoughts about making his talk-show debut once he was invited to join the spotlight with his dad and Letterman.

Travolta had been telling Letterman a story about the duo's adventures visiting Toys "R" Us in his new truck and how he was greeted by fans wanting to take his picture.

"I said, 'Why are all these people wanting my photograph? I didn't know if [Ben] knew I was in films or not," Travolta told Letterman. "He said, 'Well, maybe they saw one of your movies.'"

"Then he said, 'I want to work with you,'" Travolta relayed.

That's when Travolta asked if Ben could come out and say hi because he was backstage with his mother, Kelly Preston.

"Bring him out now! Where's the kid? Bring the kid out!" Letterman said.

The camera then went backstage to find Preston carrying Ben to see his dad. While he seemed happy at the outset, the closer he got to the stage, the more he clung to his mom.

When Travolta and Letterman asked him to come on stage, Ben was having none of it.

Watch the whole interaction here.

Image via YouTube

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