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Toy Review: Razor Jr. Mini Mod Scooter

The Razor Jr. Mini Mod Scooter is a chic little (emphasis on the "little") electric scooter for toddlers. It has a seat they can sit on and a little foot pedal they press to get it going and zooms off at speeds up to 2 mph. Much more reasonably sized (and priced) than those electric car counterparts, my 4-year-old had a complete blast riding up and down our street and her 18-month-old sister is dying to have a turn herself one day. That said, there are some things parents should know about this scooter if they're considering this purchase.

Features I Love: This thing is sloooooow. Like 2 mph slow. When we first took the scooter out for a test drive, Grandma was all freaked out about how fast that would be and worried about a possible tumble. Well, a few minutes after seeing exactly what 2 mph looks like on this thing, and all her fears were assuaged. Seriously, they WALK faster than the scooter. It's almost comical. And I really appreciate the on/off switch on the back for when her little sister tries to climb on and push the pedal (granted, that makes her very mad.)

Features That Could Be Improved: While it looks cool, the scooter doesn't seem to be the most sturdily constructed. One of the back wheels pops off consistently if my daughter rides over even the semblance of a crack in the sidewalk or isn't driving perfectly straight. It's super annoying to have to stop almost every minute to turn the scooter over and pop the wheel back in. And while it's to be expected from anything with a battery, as a busy mom, that's just one more thing I have to remember to do and one more cord to plug in somewhere cluttering up my landscape. The scooter is also small size-wise as you can see in the image below and my daughter is petite for her age (4 years old and 30 pounds) so I can't see how it can last too much longer for her even though it says it's safe for children up to 44 pounds, I just can't imagine her sitting on that thing comfortably at that point.

Would I Buy This For a Friend's Kid? That's debatable. If said friend's kid really wanted an electric scooter, I might, as it is very safe feeling and my daughter does have an awesome time on it. But, if it's just a random gift I'm thinking of, probably not. Mainly because of the wheel that pops off. The $60 price point isn't unreasonable for an electric scooter, but it may not be worth it until Razor fixes that wheel problem.

Images via Esther Carlstone

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