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10 Traits Great Moms and Great Leaders Share

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I'm a sucker for a good list, so tickle me excited when I came across one called "10 Qualities of a Great Leader" while surfing the Internet the other day. Heck yeah, I want to know what qualities make for a great leader because, as a mother, I'm doing all I can to raise great leaders.

Well, guess what? I was shocked by the qualities on the list. Shocked, I tell you! Why? Because I'm not even kidding that the list reads like a list of qualities that make for a great mother. It makes sense if you think about it because a great mother is indeed a great leader, don't you think?

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So what are these traits that great moms and great leaders share?

1. They have a positive attitude.

Mamis have to have a positive attitude because everyone and their abuela is going to have an opinion on the right way to parent and you better believe there is judgment galore — but you just have to make like Taylor Swift and shake it off.

2. They exhibit creativity.

Even the most un-crafty mom will tap into a deep well of creativity to keep her kids occupied on a rainy day.

3. They have an ability to inspire.

Inspiring a kid to clean their room is not for the faint of heart.

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4. They have a sense of loyalty.

Being a mom is not easy and there are times that, for a split second, you may want to run away. But you would NEVER actually do it.

5. They have all. The. Patience.

At times, mamis need the patience of a saint — like when you're waiting for your toddler to put their shoes on and they can't figure out left from right, but they insist on doing it on their own because they are trying to drive you LOCA learn.

6. They take responsibility.

Once you become a mom, that's it; you're in charge. The buck stops with you.

7. They have determination.

If it weren't for determination, entire families would go missing under piles of dirty laundry on the daily.

8. They're trustworthy.

Moms have to be trustworthy. If you tell a kid you are going to do one thing and then don't do it... OMAIGA!

9. They have serious communication skills.

Moms are so good at communicating, sometimes we don't even have to say a word. It's all in the look or the way you silently count to three on your fingers.

10. They practice and promote honesty.

Okay, so moms do tell little white lies — like about Santa Claus and La Llorona — but in the end, honesty is always the best policy.

You see what I mean about the qualities that make for a great leader being the same qualities that make for a great mom? I'm thinkin' that means we need to get more great moms in positions of leadership in this world.

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