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PBS Kids Lets Parents Monitor Screen Time Remotely

PBS Kids launched its first Apple Watch app today that allows parents to monitor kids' screen time remotely, without having to hover over their shoulder.

Called PBS Kids Super Vision, the free app, which is already available for the iPhone, lets parents set a timer that will put the website "to sleep" onscreen. With messages such as "Time for a break," young kids will have a playful transition from screen time to dinner or bed time.

The app also allows parents real-time information on what their child is playing. That way, parents don't even have to be in the same room to find out what episodes they're watching or what games they're playing.

Besides monitoring what kids are watching, the watch also gives parents an activity summary that shows what educational skills their kids are strongest at, as well as what videos and games they like the most.

Now we just need a timer for our own screen time!

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