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Top 10 Royal Baby Must-Haves

Welcome to the world baby princess! Most second children are given a half chewed crib, semi-stained clothing and torn books that have all been passed down from their older sibling. But not you sweetheart. There will be no hand-me-downs from Prince George. Your nursery, playroom and the entire western wing of the castle have been pimped out. Here are the top 10 must-haves for the new royal princess:

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1. Solid Gold Bassinet : $16,320,000

Image via: Suommo

Yes, the commas are in the correct spot. While this may seem like a hefty price to pay for a bassinet, take comfort in knowing that the bedding is included.

2. Porsche Stroller: $3,000

Image via: Child Mode

The royal baby needs a speedy stroller. The paparazzi can be brutal. It seems to be lacking for storage, but there's probably someone on staff that can carry the diaper bag.

3. Gucci Diaper Bag: $1,290

Image via: Gucci

Can you imagine finding a leaking fruit pouch in the bottom of this bag? The horror.

4. Silver Baby Cup: $340

Image via: Barneys

This silver-plated can do double duty. Use it to serve Moscow Mules to the royal visitors who come to meet the newest princess.

5. Airplane: $489

Image via: Modern Nursery

In the event that she inherits dad's love of flying, it's important that the princess have her own airplane. This is a one-seater, so Prince George will need to get his own set of wings.

6. Fendi Baby Towel: $246

Image via: Alex and Alexa

Pray that the royal baby has already peed in the tub before wrapping her in this pricey 100 percent cotton towel. Yes, it's really 100 percent cotton. And yes, it's really $246.

7. Diamond Pacifier: $17,000

Image via: Cool Pacifiers

Can you imagine losing this thing in your couch cushions or the floor of your car? Take comfort in knowing that this item is "available and in stock" online so you can always order extras if the princess accidentally loses hers.

8. Swarovski High Chair: $12,000

Image via: Playground Dad

If it's good enough for Kim and Kanye's baby, it's good enough for the royal princess. At least that's what Kanye would like to think. We're wondering how you get pureed sweet potato out of the crevices.

9. Stuffed Animals: $2,500

Image via: FAO Schwarz

This mechanical Noah's Ark will either result in hours of entertainment or hours of therapy for the baby princess. The poor baboon is hanging on for dear life. Help him out Mr. Elephant!

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10. Booties: $165

Image via: Burberry

What a blessing that royal princess was born after Memorial Day, so she'll have plenty of time to wear these white booties. In keeping with tradition, she should toss them before Labor Day.

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