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Jordana Brewster Reveals Son's Latest Milestone

Jordana Brewster, who stars in box office smash "Furious 7," calls herself "kind of a know-it-all" when it comes to her 1-1/2-year-old son, Julian. After all, moms know best, right?

But there was something her mother-in-law mentioned that struck a chord.

The 34-year-old mom talked to Wonderwall about Julian's latest milestone, and how it was her MIL who helped her see it.

"He's feeding himself, which is really fun," she tells the celebrity site. "And it's funny, because I hate to admit that other people are right because I'm kind of a know-it-all when it comes down to my kid. But he was being really fussy about his eating and my mother-in-law said, 'I think he wants to feed himself and that's why he's not eating.' And she was absolutely right. And as soon as I backed off and let him take the reins he started eating like a champ. That was a learning moment for me!"

Brewster, whose "Fast and Furious" franchise character Mia is also a mom, also relates to the work-life balance that affects all kinds of working mothers.

"The biggest challenge for all working moms is the guilt trip we do to ourselves," she tells Wonderwall. "When I'm doing it to myself, I try to mitigate it any way that I can. I think that's the hardest part."

Check out more cute snaps of Jordana Brewster, her son and husband Andrew Form on her Instagram feed.

Images via Instagram

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