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10 Crafty Crowns for your Prince and Princess

Image via Mama Miss

1. Fancy Stick Crown: Go on a nature hike with your child, pick up sticks on the way and come home and design yourself a royal crown. Get the how-to at Mama Miss.

Image via Small For Big

2. Glittering Crowns: We love that you can download these and decorate them yourself with glitter, sequins or anything sparkly. Get the how-to at Small for Big.

Image via Paper & Pin

3. Felt Flower Crown: Add a whimsical touch to your kid's daydreams with these airy and oh-so-cute felt flower crowns.Get the how-to at Paper & Pin.

Image via If Zombies Were Supermodels

4. Star Pipe Cleaner Crown: This is such a cool and oh-so-easy (and inexpensive) crown. Looks like something a modern princess will wear. Get the how-to at If Zombies Were Supermodels.

Image via Little Inspiration

5. DIY Paper Tissue Crown: Using two styles of tissue paper flowers, this dainty and adorable crown is perfect for your pretty princess. Get the how-to Little Inspiration.

Image via Design Love Fest/ Kimberly Genevieve

6. Large Gem Crown: A crown isn't a crown without big beautiful gems. This gold foil paper crown in embedded with the finest craft gems around. Long live the queen.Get the how-to at Design Love Fest.

Image via The Girl Inspired

7. Lace Crowns: Throwing a princess party? Adorn each of your guests with an inexpensive and easy to make lace crown. Get the how-to at The Girl Inspired.

Image via Phoebe from elSage

8. Cereal Box Crowns: Crown your new king with this simple crown made from cardboard cereal boxes.Get the how-to at Made by Joel.

Image via Laura Sumrak/The House that Lars Built

9. Paper Crowns: Add some bright colors and modern touches to your kid's crown. Not only can you download these templates, this post also gives you brilliant ideas on making the crowns your own.Get the how-to at The House that Lars Built.

Image via Kelli Murray

10. Sparkle Party Crown: Every crown needs a sparkle. These tinsel pipe cleaner crowns take minutes to make.Get the how-to at KelliMurray.com.

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