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10 Moms We Love For (Mostly) the Wrong Reasons

Beautiful. Quirky. Just a touch insane. These memorable maternal characters show us that moms come in all flavors of fantastic.

This Mother's Day, let's raise a Mimosa glass to these movie moms we love for (mostly) the wrong reasons.

10. Jennifer Rhodes as Veronica's mom in "Heathers"

"Veronica! Dinner!" Winona Ryder's mother from this cult classic '80s film was pleasantly oblivious to her teenaged daughter's inner turmoil, but that didn't stop her from making her favorite meal—spaghetti with lots of oregano.

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9. Catherine O'Hara as Delia Deetz in "Beetlejuice"

She's intrigued by the spirits that haunt her new house, completely self-obsessed and possessed. Playing the mom of another angsty Winona Ryder character, we love Delia's gothic fashion sense and zeal for interior decorating.

8. Angelica Houston as Lilly Dillon in "The Grifters"

If you think your relationship with your mom is strange, it probably has nothing on the odd dynamic between con artist Lilly and her son Roy (played by John Cusack).

7. Michelle Pfeiffer as Ingrid in "White Oleander"

A free-spirited poet and a murderer, Ingrid doles out advice to her daughter from prison and even convinces one of her kid's weak-willed foster mothers to commit suicide. You can be sure that her favorite poisonous blooms are not being sent out by 1-800-flowers.

6. Jessica Lange as Big Edie in "Grey Gardens"

Jackie O's aunt and cousin became the focus of a documentary, when it turned out they were living in squalor in the Hamptons. Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore perfectly depict the weirdest mother-daughter relationship in this dramatization.

5. Meryl Streep as Donna in "Mama Mia!"

She was the lead singer of a girl group and banged three hot men—any one of which could be the father of her soon-to-wed daughter. We'd love to have Donna be our mom if it meant we could break into spontaneous song and dance routines on the Greek Isles.

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4. Kathleen Turner as Beverly Sutphin in "Serial Mom"

She's June Cleaver on the outside and a secret serial killer underneath. We wouldn't expect anything less from twisted writer/director John Waters, now would we?

3. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day"

After getting buff while imprisoned in a mental hospital, Sarah Connor is out to stop Judgement Day and look like a badass mommy while doing it.

2. Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in "Mommie Dearest"

No one wants this lady as their mom, but Faye Dunaway took crazy to another level with her performance as the late actress who didn't tolerate wire hangers.

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1. Julianne Moore as Jules and Annette Bening as Nic in "The Kids are All Right"

Nic and Jules find their world turned upside down when the sperm donor father of their children enters the picture. Despite their relationship being far from perfect, they are a great example of two loving moms.

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