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17 Mom.me Bloggers Who Look Like Celebrities

A woman recently told me I look like Lynda Carter. So I did a few spins and sang the "Wonder Woman" theme song, and we laughed. In fact, the comment gave me quite a chuckle.

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I decided to ask my fellow Mom.me contributors if they have ever been compared to a celebrity. Here's what they had to say:

Jennifer Aniston

"Someone told me I looked like Jennifer Aniston once," Sarah Kovac told me. "But I had long hair and they had really thick glasses." Hmm. The chin. The eyes. I think I can see it. Although I also wear thick glasses.

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Dee Trillo says, "I get Ariel. Ha ha!" So of course I had to pull out some old pictures from our daughter's birthday visit to Disney World a few years ago. And look! I can see the resemblance. Although you each prefer different hues of red…

Image via Kevin Ross


When Rebekeh Henderson lived in Japan, "And had my blonde highlights, they called me Beyoncé and made me karaoke her songs all night. It was glorious. Sigh. I look nothing like Beyoncé, but I had the biggest butt on the island and was the only one with curly hair and tan skin. Very humid there. My hair was real big."

Image via Rex USA

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Sandra Bullock

Jill Simonian says, "I most often get Sandra Bullock People magazine's most beautiful woman. I'll take it in the name of pretending that I don't spend all day in junky PJs most days. I personally don't see it. But I will TAKE IT! Who am I to argue right? Take what u can get, I say..."

Image via Rex USA

Vanessa Carlton

The only celebrity Claire Zulkey has been told she looked like, where she actually saw the resemblance, was Vanessa Carlton. "Which is kind of lame because I don't think anybody really knows her. (Sorry if you are reading this and you are Vanessa Carlton.)"

Image via Getty Images

Shannen Doherty

Brenda Janowitz says, "I get Shannen Doherty but I'm pretty sure it's because she played a character called Brenda." OK, the character from the original "90210" I can see. The actress herself as she appears today? Not as much.

Image via Getty Images

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Katie Michelle Reyes tells me, "I used to get Lindsay Lohan all the time. Now I get Princess Kate! I think the name has a lot to do with that one..." And perhaps the striking resemblance! I mean, seriously.

Image via Rex USA

Claire Danes

Mom.me Editor Cerentha Harris tells me, "In my twenties I would get Claire Danes, but I'm too old for that now. In my head I look EXACTLY like Robin Wright. In reality? Not so sure..." Well, with your current blonde hair and regular glasses, Cerentha, I can see Robin. But in this pic, I can definitely see Claire. It's something about the smile.

Image via Getty Images

Zooey Deschanel

When Lacy Stroessner's hair was dark with bangs, "I got Zoey D!" And I found photos of you both with not only the same hairstyle, but also the same polka dots! Yep, I'd say you definitely look like her.

Image via Rex USA

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Katie Hurley has been told she resembles Sarah Michelle Gellar. "But I don't really see it," she says. I think Katie's features are softer, but the eyes and the hair? What do you think?

Image via Rex USA

Lucy Liu

As the Mom.me staff discussed this topic on Facebook, Michelle Villemaire checked in with, "Lucy Liu here. Reporting for duty." Hmmm. I see two beautiful women here, that's for sure!

Image via Rex USA

Paula Patton

Christina Simon has been told she looks like a number of celebrities. But the one she's happy to accept is Paula Patton. "Yes, please!" Are you kidding me? It's uncanny.

Image via Rex USA

Molly Ringwald

Jordan Rosenfeld used to be told she looked like Molly Ringwald when she was younger. "She and I are close to the same age, but she has aged way better." I don't know, Jordan, I'd say you look great. And a lot like her now.

Image via Rex USA

Susan Sarandon

Dani Klein Modisett said she was definitely in for this one, "Since I get stopped weekly, if not daily, to be asked if I am Susan Sarandon and have for 30 years." So, did you get to the point where you just smile and pose for photographs?

Image via Rex USA

Elisabeth Shue

Leah Campbell has always gotten Elisabeth Shue. "Especially when I actually try to look put together, as opposed to my usual yoga pants and no makeup look!" I'd say she could possible be our winner in the dopplegänger contest.

Image via Rex USA

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The Penguin

Jennifer Brulé pans, "I've been told I look like The Penguin from Batman. By my kids. But it's a pretty accurate assessment." Oh, my. Kids say the darndest things.

Image via batman.wikia.com

[Ed. note: Oh, come on! Jennifer is a ringer for Reese Witherspoon + glasses.]

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