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Jennie Garth Gears Up for Daughter's Graduation

Photograph by Crollalanza/REX_Shutterstock

Jennie Garth has got a lot going on.

Not only is the former "Beverly Hills 90210" actress and mom of three girls (Luca, Fiona and Lola Facinelli) planning her wedding to actor David Abrams, she's also emotionally preparing herself for eldest daughter Luca's high school graduation and move to college.

Garth spoke with mom.me sister site Wonderwall about how she organizes family life, where daughter Luca will be going to school in the fall and if her girls watch "Beverly Hills 90210."

What's it like balancing your work life and being a mom to three girls?

"It's challenging for sure, especially when you work Monday through Friday. The weekends get packed with a lot of stuff. I have a calendar on my phone and it links to my computer and my other family members' phones. Everybody has a color, and we kind of slot out time. It keeps things organized."

Your daughter Luca is graduating this year, where is she going to college?

"She will be going to NYU! I'm starting to get sad. I want to keep squeezing her and hugging her and spending time with her as much as possible because she's getting ready to fly. She's going to have a wonderful time."

Do your girls ever steal your clothes?

"All the time. I want to put a padlock on my closet, but my closet doesn't have a door! I need a censor system so if they leave the room with one of the garments the alarm goes off. I say, 'You can borrow it but make sure it gets back in my dirty clothes!' That way when I do the laundry I don't get confused about whose is what. We all almost wear the same size now and we all have similar taste so everything ends up in the wrong closet."

Do you girls ever watch old 'Beverly Hills, 90210' episodes?

"My oldest watched all 10 seasons. I think Lola, my middle one, is about there. She's going to be interested in it soon. Once you watch the first few episodes, you're kind of sucked in and you want to know what happens. I'm pretty sure she'll be tuning in, in the next year or two. I waited until it was age-appropriate, because even though it's dated, it's still relevant."

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