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15 Photos of Tom Hardy That May Have Gotten Us Pregnant

Tom Hardy is a sexy man with an accent and lips that will make you daydream your way through any lunchtime conference room snoozefest. I have spent many of my free moments fantasizing about this man, but after seeing "Mad Max: Fury Road" this past weekend I actually felt like I may have been impregnated during the movie. Sitting alone in the dark with Tom felt like a sexy little vacation (an adrenaline-filled one to say the least).

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Don't know Tom Hardy? You mean you aren't familiar with the piercing eyes that make your toes curl and your skin warm with a simple glance? Well, please allow me to make your day MUCH better. I recommend plastic wrapping your ovaries...

Image by StarsPets

Tom Hardy loves dogs. He carries them around in his jacket and snuggles them and makes our knees a little weak in the process...

Image by Fibre Magazine

He has an insane body. The man has a body that won't quit and arms that would have no issue carrying you across the room or holding you up in the shower, if need be.

Image by LA Times

Is it possible to have eyes that scream "come here" and "be gentle" all at once? Yes, yes it is.

Image by Blastr

Hold on—stay just like that and close those eyes. I bet he smells like Irish Spring soap.

Image by Pinterest

Could you imagine coming home from work to this? All the more reason to get it all done at the office, because there is no working happening from home with this around.

Image by Dunhill

If Tom looked at me like this at close range I think my clothes would actually melt off my body.

Image by Dlounge

I would love to make that face laugh like that. Preferably with less clothes on, but I'm not complaining.

Image by Pinterest

Is that a turtleneck? Between the beard, the furrowed brow and the snuggle factor of the sweater, I don't even know where to begin.

Image by CoolWeakSpot

Mouth. Jaw. Body. Eyes. Help me, help. Nom nom nom...

Image by Vogue

Beards and dogs and big strong hands and...

Image by Cinemagia

Is he wearing lipstick? I can't get past the scruff and the eyes. Come here, Cowboy, let me take that lip gloss off for you...

Image by MyNewPlaidPants

Holy ovaries, I'm seriously dying over here with the dog thing and the beard.

Image by Instagram

...and pregnant. Sorry, ladies.

Image by Instagram

Holy cow.

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Image by Warner Bros.

"Mad Max : Fury Road" is in theaters now! Drop everything you are doing, head directly to a theatre with cocktails and settle in for an amazing two hours. I'm so excited for you—the first time is always the most exciting. Sigh.

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