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7 Ways Toddlers Are Out of Control

Have you ever noticed how wild toddlers can get? Like wild to the point that they seem like they are drunk on milk? It's kind of hilarious when you take a moment to reflect on how much your average toddler resembles your average borracho. Here are seven ways toddlers behave like they've just been at a frat party. Check it out!

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1. They'll take their clothes off and dance at inappropriate moments.

2. They can't seem to keep their hands to themselves.

3. Uh, they tend to miss their targets quite a bit.

4. They are totally unfazed by the messes they make.

5. They can't walk in a straight line.

6. They will pass out just about anywhere.

7. Under no circumstances should they be driving.

Still don't see the resemblance between the average toddler and the average drunk? Then you have to check out this video of a baby trashing a bar in Las Palmas.

Told you! The good thing is that toddlers are WAY cuter than actual drunks.

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