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Loving Zac Efron Does Not Make You a Naughty Mommy

Wanting to make out with Zac Efron does not make you dirty, it makes you NORMAL.


1. Zac Efron is handsome.

2. Zac Efron has a body that doesn't quit.

3. Zac Efron has a smile that will make your knees weak.

4. If Zac Efron walked up to you and started dancing with you in Trader Joe's you would drop your goods and join him without a second thought.

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Now take those four things and add some low slung jeans and a craft beer and you've created pretty much every woman on Earth's daytime fantasy man.

Sure, maybe he's younger than you, but so is everyone, so who cares?

Image by Us Magazine

Do you honestly think Bruce Willis would think twice about trying to date Emily Ratajkowski (girl from the Blurred Lines video)? Well, she's 23 (four years younger than Zac) and Bruce Willis is 60. Take a moment with that one, ladies. If you saw that in People Magazine you'd snicker and maybe think, "Wow, he's older than her," then move on. So why should it be any different for you and Zac?

Sidenote: Bruce Willis' wife is 36. I think I've made my point.

Imagine, if you will, you and Zac strolling down the red carpet. Your hand subtly caressing that amazing butt under his suit jacket as he parades his WOMAN around. You are a woman. You know things, things you can show him, and he loves it. Those pilates classes are paying off, girl, you are making every head turn.

Once you leave the red carpet you return to his bedroom (let's be honest we won't see the rest of the house until tomorrow), you'll have an enthusiastic partner who can't wait to get your dress off. A lover that can keep up and won't get a cramp in the middle and need to take a coffee or Snickers break (we've all been there). A second helping? Why yes, Zac, I don't mind if I do…

So next time you see Bruce Willis or one of his people (they are everywhere) give him a wink and a high five—good on ya, Bruce. We should all get a little of what we want.

Image by Promotime

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Check out Zac's new trailer for "We Are Your Friends," out this August. I think there are other people in the movie and some stuff probably happens, but I can't get the image of Zac in a tank top out of my head. Enjoy!

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