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5 Reasons Kourtney Kardashian Could Do Way Better

Photograph by Rex / Rex USA

I recently found myself at home, alone, and before I knew it, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" was on TV.

I swear, I have no idea how it happened. I grabbed the remote control to change the channel, but what kept me watching was the chaos around Scott Disick, the notoriously irresponsible, uninterested, self-proclaimed "asshole" father, for which I am always left wondering, "Doesn't cutie pie Kourtney Kardashian know she could totally do better than this guy?"

If there's any doubt, I present you five reasons Disick misses the Father of the Year mark by miles and miles.

1. He's irresponsible

I have to assume Scott has designed this villainous persona for himself. Why else would anyone in the world, particularly the father of a newborn, drink himself to stumble-down oblivion at 11 a.m. and for all the world to see? For anyone in the real word, this kind of repeated dereliction is cause for divorce and, quite possibly, losing your kids. Two ideas that I hope gain traction.

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2. He constantly puts down his partner

Almost every sentence coming out of this dad's mouth belittles the mother of his children. Again, I implore you, Kourtney K.: Kick him out for good. What would he do if he didn't have the Kardashian platform? Ummm, maybe change his life? (Or, I shudder to think, get his own show?) But no. K.K. takes him back time and time again.

3. The sound of his own children gives this guy anxiety

He seems completely unable to handle the smallest crack in the road. So why the hell is he donating his sperm to K.K. to have kids? Scott, parenthood is hhhaaaarrrdddd, I know. So don't continue to have drunk sex if the result is going to throw you off your rocker so often and so dramatically. Your lack of control, stability and dedication to your children is soul-crushing.

4. His sense of entitlement is laughable

This jerk thinks the world owes him everything by doing nothing. I've known guys like him my entire life. They look good and, therefore, use it as a tool to prey on wealthy girls. Because he has blessed a girl with his attention and wit, he deserves, what, a free ride for the rest of his life? What does this guy do again? Sell tanning products?

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5. He thinks rules don't apply to him

Somehow Disick is not held to the same standards of good dad, good husband, good father or good friend, as the rest of us. Why has this guy not been drawn and quartered already? Because his appalling implosions and explosions create such good ratings?

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