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Paulina Rubio Got Selfie-Shamed

It seems like the entire world is applauding how beautiful Caitlyn Jenner looks on the cover of Vanity Fair but a recent "unflattering" Instagram selfie of Mexican songstress Paulina Rubio outraged people. Basically, what society is confirming what we women already knew; it all boils down to what you look like. Welcome to the dark side, Caitlyn Jenner. Sad but true.

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Paulina Rubio is a beautiful 43-year-old singer and mother who took a selfie without having her hair blown out, her makeup artist perfect her look, filtering it to death or photoshopping it — and for that, she is being mocked and ridiculed by the Internet. Most of the horribly rude comments on her Instagram photo are written in Spanish. Maybe it's a Latina thing that we place such high standards on what we look like in public or maybe it's a woman thing. I'm a Latina woman so all I've ever known is that. We're often taught while growing up that personal grooming is akin to sport; may the best-primped mujer win. "Never leave the house without lipstick on" was the conventional wisdom passed down to us all, am I right? However, if you've ever met me, you know I seldom wear makeup.

I didn't start wearing makeup until I was 18, and only now wear it when I go out at night or if I am attending an event in a professional capacity. I like to put my best face forward. It's the first thing everyone sees when he or she meet you and I want to present myself in a positive light. For me, it's about presenting myself in a way that shows that I cared enough to try. After all, I wouldn't wear a T-shirt to a job interview. But if I'm not out to dinner, attending a conference or board meeting, I'm au natural. Truth be told, I don't like a lot of makeup on my face.

I don't have the time to waste in front of a mirror for hours every morning hiding every single flaw. I'm a freckled Mexican; it could take all day. I'd much rather spend the time playing with my kids, exercising, snuggling with my husband or writing. I like the freedom of waking up and being me, and not worrying about what other people think of my look — because life is really just too short to spend time worrying about what everyone else thinks of you.

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There's nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful all the time, and for some people that is a priority. My little sister always looks flawless. Her makeup is always on point. I don't think anyone has seen her without makeup since she was 16 — not even me. I know I'm not ugly and I'm happy with my face during the day. My husband loves it. My kids love it. My parents love it. Anyone who judges someone on what they look like... well, I don't want them in my life anyway.

Life is not airbrushed and we should not shame women for being themselves, we should celebrate them. Personally, I wish more celebrity women would have the cojones to post real, unfiltered and unretouched photos of themselves.

I think it's ridiculous that people on social media attacked a beautiful woman for looking "normal" because she looked like the rest of us without makeup on. Maybe she was just enjoying the day with her family at the beach. Who wears makeup to the beach?

Maybe it was the best day of her life and she was so happy that she wanted to capture it for posterity. Maybe she wanted to share that moment with her fans but instead of sharing the joy, it was met with ugliness; the ugliness of cruel and critical strangers.

I am a 42-year-old mother of two daughters, and I think Paulina Rubio looks beautiful and human. Even the sexiest sex symbols must look human sometimes. As women grow older — no matter how gracefully — eventually the gray hair, crow's feet and gravity will come for all of us.

I think the real problem is that people look to celebrities for standards — unattainable and unrealistic standards — and when they fall short of flawless, we feel down on ourselves because if they can't look perfect without makeup and blowouts and personal chefs and trainers, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Life is not airbrushed and we should not shame women for being themselves, we should celebrate them. Personally, I wish more celebrity women would have the cojones to post real, unfiltered and unretouched photos of themselves.

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Photo via Instagram/paurubio

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