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Channing Tatum's Abs Want to Do Your Laundry

If you are like me, you are constantly looking for a new way to get those whites whiter and those colors brighter. Well, ladies (and gentlemen), have I got something for you. It's the latest and greatest in laundry accessories, and it's not only easy to use, but will make scrubbing stains your favorite part of the day.

Meet Magic Mike's Wet and Wild Washboard

It's quick and simple and requires very little skill as it handles everything. Simply take your hands, I mean your dirty clothes, and massage them all over The Washboard. You may notice The Washboard works better when wet, so keep a hose running nearby or take it to the beach or a local waterfall.

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Storage is simple. Give them lots of fresh air and space to run around. The Washboard needs lots of physical exercise and good quality food, but if you provide these simple necessities, your Washboard will run for years.

We have several styles to choose from, so the hardest part of this purchase may be deciding on just one! They work fantastically in teams, so if you absolutely can't choose, we offer a bundle discount on multiples.

Style #1

This model enjoys running, pull ups and feeding you grapes while you get your work done. This is our suggested model for cashmere delicates due to the smooth nature of the materials and seamless construction.

Image by Cosmopolitan

Style #2

This model has a bit more attitude, but works fantastically with others. As one of our larger models, this Washboard will save you time and can also carry you and several bins of clean laundry through your house. Why exert yourself when you can let the machine do the work?

Image by WeHeartIt

Style #3

This model works best on light loads, since it's hard to actually get anything done once you get it unwrapped in your home. Great for days when you'd rather just hold your Washboard and watch a Netflix marathon than do laundry.

Image by Pinterest

Style #4

Looking for a machine that can make you dream of doing laundry? This one's for you. Fits perfectly in any size laundry room and will help you get all your chores done with its incredibly sexy, uh, EVERYTHING.

Image by USA Networks

Style #5

Unfortunately we have had a few issues with this model spontaneously deciding it didn't want to do laundry after gigantic loads. The good news is that it always fixes itself and often just needs a brief cooling down phase. Your laundry will get done—you just need to be patient. It's worth it.

Image by FanPop

Style #6

Now this is my personal favorite, and the one I have in my home. If you have ever been to my house you will see there is no dirty clothes hamper because I do laundry every single day. No matter how long the work day, or how tired I may be, I always look forward to my evening chores. I cannot recommend this model enough.

Image by People Magazine

Style #7

Our most popular model worldwide, this machine is known for its steadfast devotion to your needs. Late night laundry needs? No problem. Traveling and want to take your Washboard with you? It packs nicely and ships easily. The only downside is that we are frequently out of stock, so we definitely recommend buying this one in a bundle (see Style # 2).

Image by Male Celeb News

Which one is your favorite? TWEET us and let us know so we can TRY to keep them in stock!

Magic Mike XXL opens in theaters July 1. Come see your new laundry machine in action. If you are a comparative shopper, this may help you narrow it down. Or not.

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