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DIY Bilingual Memory Card Game

Photograph by Elba Valverde

I started to believe that being bilingual was awesome after my baby was born. Before that, being bilingual was just something to brag about from time to time. Now it has become a tool for life that I want to pass on to my son.

Realizing the importance of bilingualism, I decided to do more research on the best ways to teach both languages to my kid. Some of my friends recommended having books, games and toys in both languages around the house. I've also found some adorable and entertaining ideas from the internet like games and printables that help them practice both languages while they play at the same time. It's best to make learning fun and dynamic so they never get bored.

That inspired me to create my own bilingual memory card game! Which, by the way, was my favorite board game as a child. I used to have so much fun playing with my primas back in Mexico, and it's one of those games that kids can play by themselves without anyone else around. Plus, you could use the cards as flashcards just to teach your kids the words in both languages before they're able to master memory recall.

Are you ready to play? You'll need to download and print the memory card game here. I also glued some opaque, colored construction paper on the back of each card so you can't see through them — no cheating!

One fun way to play is to make your kids read each card out loud and ask him or her the name of the word in the other language.

Have fun playing this memory card game with your kids this summer while they learn and practice vocabulary in both languages at the same time!

Click on the image below to download the printable.

DIY: Bilingual Memory Card Game


  • Memory game cards printable
  • Construction paper or thick cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


  1. Print the memory cards.
  2. Cut colored construction paper or cardboard squares to glue the memory cards so you can't see through the paper.
  3. Glue the memory cards onto the construction paper.
  4. All the glue to dry and then your memory card game is ready to play!
Photograph by Elba Valverde
Photograph by Elba Valverde
Photograph by Elba Valverde
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