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Julia Roberts Makes Environmental Plea as Mother Nature

With three kids of her own, Julia Roberts knows a thing or two about mothering.

So in her latest project, as the voice of Mother Nature in an environment-focused short film from Conservation International, Roberts puts us mere humans in our place as fleeting inhabitants of planet Earth.

And she uses "mom voice" to boot!

"Some call me Nature. Others call me Mother Nature," Roberts begins. "I've been here for over 4-1/2 billion years—22,500 longer than you."

Yep, she's pulling rank on us with that one.

"I don't really need people, but people need me."

Ouch! However, she's open to telling us how we can work together peacefully and productively.

"When I thrive, you thrive," she says.

But let's not forget her power.

"I have fed species greater than you, and I have starved species greater than you," she adds, in that "I'm not taking any more of your sass" voice.

"I am Nature. I will go on. I am prepared to evolve," she says. "Are you?"

Did we hear Mother Nature just drop the mike?

This video is one in a lineup of celebrity-voiced short films about nature from Conservation International. Harrison Ford speaks as the ocean, while Penelope Cruz voices water. Other celebrity contributors include Kevin Spacey, Robert Redford and Lupita Nyong'o.

With these short films, the organization is hoping to bring more awareness to taking care of the environment.

"We must understand there are aspects of how our planet evolves that are totally out of our control," a statement reads on the site. "But there are things that we can manage, control and do responsibly that will allow us and the planet to evolve together."

Besides, Mama Julia says so.

Image via Instagram

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