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9 Things Moms Can't Get Enough Of

Being a mother is an incredibly rewarding experience, but let's not pretend that there isn't scarcity involved as well because there totally is. To make my point, check out these nine things that moms can never get enough of.

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1. Being told "thank you"

For the most part, motherhood is a thankless job. I mean, would it hurt a child to say "thank you" without having to be reminded?

2. Alone time

If moms could just get enough alone time, they would be so much happier when they are not alone. It's not that we don't love our families, but dang it, can a lady poop in private, please?!

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3. Toilet paper

Seriously, can anyone other than the mom of the house replace the dang roll of toilet paper?

4. Sleep

It's like a rule or something that once you have kids you never again get a full and restful night's sleep. Is it any wonder that when we wake up, we're a tad on the something-that-rhymes-with-witchy side?

5. Help

Oh sure, the kids will come and tell you that they're bored, but when you pull out some cleaning supplies and ask them for help, they react like you've turned into la llorona.

6. Quiet time

Kids only have one volume and it's always set at LOUD! Ask them to use their "inside" voice and they just don't get it.

7. Adult entertainment

I'm not talkin' about the dirty kind of entertainment, I'm just talkin' about some fun that doesn't involve a bouncy house or a carousel.

8. Hugs

"My kid hugs me too much," said no mom EVER!

9. Kisses

Every mom is a sucker for her kid's kisses. Kids know about this weakness and exploit it at bedtime so they can stay up a little later and we fall for it every time 'cause how you gonna say no to your cutie's besitos?

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What would you add to the list?

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