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DIY Frida Kahlo Flower Crown For Kids

Photograph by Denise Cortes

My children are well aware of my Frida Kahlo obsession. They know their mama so well that they don't bat an eyelash when I hang up yet another Frida print or sip tea from a Frida mug, wear Frida socks or make pillows with Frida's face emblazoned on the fabric. They'll even color Frida Kahlo coloring book pages I designed for kids. I've also been planning on getting a small Frida tattoo for some time now. Do my children think I'm crazy?

Yes and no.

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Although they don't quite understand my fascination with the inspiring, headstrong, visionary artist from Mexico, I know they appreciate her beautiful artwork. They are familiar with many of her self-portraits, and they know who her husband is because they have a brother named after him. Besides, It's hard to deny the emotion that Frida's paintings evoke. Even young children can understand. It's almost like the artist peeled back the inner layers of her soul and she's letting you have a sneak peak. They respect her and they respect my obsession.

Since we are celebrating her birth and life throughout the month of July, I thought I would try to give my two young daughters a taste of Frida's style in the form of a fun flower crown. Frida was known for her Tehuana-style of dress, as well as intricate braided hairstyles, which she would adorn with beautiful flowers and colorful ribbon.

Photograph by Denise Cortes

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This is my easy take on Frida's signature flower crown that is perfect for kids. There are so many ways to make one, but I wanted to keep it easy and inexpensive. Make your own so you can celebrate Frida's birthday on July 6 in perfect Frida style.

DIY Frida Kahlo-Style Flower Crown


  • tissue paper in your favorite colors
  • scissors
  • plastic twist ties (you can also use 28 gauge wire, pipe cleaners or a hot glue gun)
  • a plastic headband


  1. Begin by creating flowers with colored tissue paper. There are many different ways to make them, so use whatever technique you like best. I begin by folding my tissue paper three times. Then I fold it in accordion pleats.
  2. Once it's completely folded, secure it in the center with a twist tie.
  3. Round the edges of the tissue paper with a pair of scissors. This will help give your flower a subtle petal shape.
  4. Begin to pull apart the tissue paper layers and you will see a flower shape start to form. Be careful that you don't tear it because the tissue paper is very delicate.
  5. To make your flower crown, loop another twist tie to each flower and then securely wrap it around the headband. I chose an inexpensive, plastic headband that had small teeth and this gave the twist ties something to adhere to.

Now you have a fun, inexpensive flower crown that your kids will love to wear this summer as they celebrate the life of Frida Kahlo!

Photograph by Denise Cortes

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Photograph by Denise Cortes
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