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5 Reasons This Latina Mom Loves 'Star Wars'

Photograph by Monica Olivera

Ever since my kids were around 5 or 6 years old, the theme song of "Episode 4: A New Hope" has been regular background music in my house. Sometimes it comes from the television, and sometimes it comes from the old LP I bought for $5 at a local flea market.

There are many reasons why I love this movie series. First and foremost is that my kids are crazy about it. Especially my son. OK, I know, lots of kids are. But my son can tell me which outfit Luke wore on Hoth and which one he had on Bespin. I think. (Are those two separate places? I can't remember.)

Anyway, I owe that kid's awesome reading skills to an endless series of "Star Wars" books. We've bought everything from Lego Star Wars to (everyone's) favorites by Jeffrey Brown. While my son has moved on to other books, the "Star Wars" section at our local bookstore continues to be our first stop upon entering the store.

The entire storyline has also provided endless inspiration for my creative kids. We've made lightsaber popsicles and an ice cream Yoda. My son has drawn comics, built the Millennium Falcon out of Legos, created every "Star Wars" character out of Perler Beads (with removable lightsabers), and has spent hours cutting out a Luke paper doll with his various outfits. Although most of his activities are crafted from his own imagination, we spent hours one night pinning awesome crafts and games onto a Pinterest board for him to reference whenever he wants.

These are all reasons why I, the mami, love "Star Wars." Now here are the five reasons why I, the Latina, love it too:

1. Princess Leia's hair reminds me of pan dulce.
Seriously, every single time I watch "A New Hope," I get hungry. The minute she pulls her little head scarf thingy off her head and those giant side buns show up, I'm instantly transported back to my 'Buelita's kitchen and a tray of pan dulce appears before my eyes.

2. Every Chewie Chuy I've known has been big, loveable, and hairy.
(Granted I haven't known very many, but I immediately think of them when I see the wookie.)

3. Yoda-isms remind me of my 'Buelita's dichos.
Just like the little green dude, she was always telling me things I didn't understand when I was 10 years old, such as "agua pasada no mueve molinos." Kind of the same way that Luke doesn't have a clue what Yoda is talking about half the time.

4. I would kill for an Arturito R2-D2.
I mean, the ingenious little guy can do everything from serving drinks to fixing the trash compactor to keeping the kids in line. He would be indispensable in my house!

5. Han Solo.
Need I say more? He's basically a good guy at heart with just a little bit of travieso in him.

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