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10 Pipe Cleaner Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Image via Acorn To Oak Art

1. Silly Sculpture: Mold together a base with air-dry clay. Before the clay dries, stick your pipe cleaners in and create a masterpiece. Get the how-to at Acorns To Oaks.

Image via Pink Stripey Socks

2. Signs of Love: Send a sweet message to your friends by creating a wall art design out of sticks and pipe cleaners. Get the how-to at Pink Stripey Socks.

Image via Handmade by Kelly

3. Pixie Pipe Cleaner: These oh-so-cute fairies use flower petals as skirts and yarn scraps as hair. Make one in every color and let your kids' imagination fly. Get the how-to at

Image via eLove Photography

4. Gorgeous Gift Wrap: This simple wrap job will wow any recipient. Brown kraftpaper and braided pipe cleaners are all that you need. Get the how-to at Oh Happy Day!

Image via Carla Wiking

5: Ping Pong Pipe Cleaners: These adorable monsters are a must-do. Paint ping-pong balls and glue on googly eyes and pipe cleaners for your monster-mix-ups. Get the how-to at Kids Activities Blog.

Image via Meet the Dubiens

6. Hipster Pipe Cleaners: Cool glasses are a must for hipsters. The wackier the better and these fit the bill! Get the how-to at Meet the Dubiens.

Image via Funky Polka Dot Giraffe

7. Flower Pipe Cleaner Power: These are a perfect craft for a sleepover or an artsy play date! Afterwards, you can play dress up or store. Get the how-to at Funky Polka Dot Giraffe.

Image via Crafty Morning

8. Clothespin Dragonflies: These quick craft dragonflies are a simple craft even for a toddler. Paint or use markers to color the clothespin and fold the pipe cleaners. Get the how-to at Crafty Morning.

Image via DIY Ready

9. Pipe Cleaner Pencil Holder: Keep your pencils, pens and markers organized with these woven pipe cleaner pencil holders. It's a great craft for school age kids. Get the how-to at DIY Ready.

Image via No 1 Has More Fun

10. Busy Busy Baby: Give your toddler some pipe cleaners and a spaghetti strainer. Show him a couple times how to poke the pipe cleaners in the strainer and viola you have 10 minutes to cook or get something done. Genius! Get the how-to at No 1 Has More Fun.

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