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5 Reasons Why Being a Leo is Awesome

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When it comes to astrology, I only trust renowned Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado with confirming that I do indeed fall under the best astrological sign ever, which is Leo — aka "El signo de lo Reyes." My intuition has never steered me wrong. After all, we're natural clairvoyants in addition to being cultivated and just downright charming. Yes, we know how to work a crowd — but only when we want to. Sometimes we'd rather be in our little caves grooming our paws because, naturally, we are kings and aristocrats and have every right to have a bit down time for ourselves.

When I was growing up, my grandmother and I could not wait to watch "El Show de Walter Mercado" together. As she waited for her Capricorn forecast, I patiently waited for him to say the magical word, "Leeeoooo" (which must be said with long "e" and raised eyebrow). It was always followed by a majestic forecast of love, power, money and fortune. His over-annunciation of each word, perfectly porcelain (never-aging) face and luxurious jackets were all the more reason to believe that he knew what being fabulous was all about.

If you're a Leo celebrating your birthday, live it up! Here are 5 things that make being a Leo awesome:

1. We are the arts
According to Walter, Leos are the masters of fine taste when it comes to fashion and art. I agree. With all our aristocratic flair, the master of elegance himself, John Singer Sargent would have begged to paint us. Madame X, move over.

2. We have spiritual guides
Haters, you're out of luck. Not only are we the king of hearts, but we're surrounded by a fort of spiritual strength that surrounds us. People gravitate towards us. We're kind, big-hearted cats, who love the limelight, and it loves us right back.

3. We are amazing parents
We have so much love to give, we shower our cubs with our hearts and souls. Our loyalty, protection and affection toward the ones we love is unmatched. Word of advice: Never anger a Leo mom.

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4. Love doesn't exist without us
Walter often quotes astrologer and psychic Sybil Leek, who said, "no one can say that they have been loved if they haven't been loved by a Leo." Mic drop! Leo is a fire sign. Our love is hot, hot, hot. However, betraying a Leo woman will result in getting burned.

5. We're in good company
Other famous Leos include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Madonna and the fabulous Jennifer Lopez. It's a leader, trendsetter and trailblazer kind of sign.

Happy birthday, my fellow Leos!

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