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I Don't Get Why People Are Mom Shaming Kim Kardashian Over Her Latest Photo

Photograph by Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been called a lot of things—from vapid reality star to the person we can all blame for the invention of the selfie—but the mom of three is now being called a bad mom for her most recent Instagram post.

Taken by daughter North, the photo is shot from behind and features Kim covering her breasts as she takes off her bra. The photo is, to say the least, not the normal "my kid stole my iPhone" kind of a deal.


📸 by North

While the photo is probably old, since Kim’s a brunette in the photo and is currently sporting platinum locks in real life, it also means Kim’s had some time to think about the photo. She's a social media queen who probably doesn’t post anything without it being scheduled and curated in an orchestrated P.R. machine kind of way. In other words, Kim Kardashian doesn’t do anything by accident, especially when there are photos and controversy involved.

So, yeah, Kim purposefully posted a half naked photo of herself that her young child apparently took.

And the internet has gone bananas over it. Kim is being called everything from a bad mom to totally inappropriate. Others wondered if a non-famous mom posted a nearly nude photo of herself taken by her young child, would she be doing anything other than explaining that photo to social services? Some even say Kim’s actions border on child abuse.

To all these people, I say calm the eff down.

First of all, North is watching her mom change her clothes. Which, to me, sounds like everyone's version of motherhood—no privacy, all the time. And why would Kim's experience be any different? I’ve been a mom for 10 years and I don’t think I’ve been allowed to change my clothes without someone walking in the room for the entire decade.

It might make her a little tone deaf and definitely reminds us she lives in an alternate universe than the rest of us moms, but it doesn’t make her a bad mom.

Next, let's address the uproar over North taking the photo of her mom. Well, again, welcome to motherhood. My kids snag my phone all the time. They’ve taken photos of everything from my inner ear to me napping. Maybe North just picked up her mom’s phone and clicked away.

Would I post a similar photo online? No. Do I think it’s weird that Kim did? Totally. Does that make her a bad mom? Absolutely not.

It might make her a little tone deaf and definitely reminds us she lives in an alternate universe than the rest of us moms, but it doesn’t make her a bad mom.

Beating the crap out of your kids or screaming at them to the point of humiliation makes someone a bad mom. Neglecting your child makes you a bad mom and putting your child in harm’s way does the same. But posting a photo of yourself taken by your child while you were unclipping your bra just means you don’t always have great taste. It doesn’t mean you're a bad mom.

As much as I hate to stand up for Kim Kardashian, I’m going to go ahead and do it. There are so many things one can do to actually harm a child and this photo wasn’t any of them. And, since Kim appears otherwise to be an involved and caring mom to her three kids, let’s cut her some slack.

It’s tough enough being a mom without the world jumping down your throat because you probably thought it was charming that your kid stole your phone.

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