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Hot Celeb Dads and Dogs of Instagram

On any given day, my Facebook feed consists of a handful of political rants, a few inspirational quotes and about 700 photos and videos of dogs wearing silly hats on water slides. I often wonder how those who don't love animals can even tolerate most social media, and I'm pretty convinced it must make them nuts.

This line of thinking led me to start searching some of my favorite Instagram accounts for handsome men and their dogs. I may or may not have missed many hours of sleep falling down a rabbit hole of DILF hotness, but it gave me so much joy I decided to share a few with you.

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Jason Momoa

If you don't watch "Game of Thrones," you should. Although note that the size of his pectorals will not help you pay attention to what's happening.

Tom Hardy

Tom is known for his love of dogs and has the Instagram account to prove it. Man, he's foxy.

Hugh Jackman

When I said my Facebook feed was filled with dogs, I should have mentioned that 50 percent of them are Hugh's. Not that I'm complaining!

Dwayne Johnson

Macho man, tiny cute dog and that smile. Swoon.

Tom Brady

One of my girlfriends fantasizes about being one of Tom's cherished pets. I wonder if that included licking his nose? I would guess the answer is yes.

Stephen Amell

This photo is so cute it actually takes you a few moments to realize it's Stephen Amell and he should be wearing much less clothing.

Neil Patrick Harris

Everyone loves NPH. Seriously.


Hard to decide who's cuter, isn't it? Amazing.

Gavin Rossdale

Imagine he's singing under his breath while looking at you with those eyes. Total dreamboat.

Jimmy Fallon

I love Jimmy because he's adorable and hilarious and fun, but I must admit the scruff makes me think of him in dirtier, more medieval ways.

Josh Duhamel

Is that dollar for me to help you take a shower? You are very sweaty and your shirt is on inside out. Oh, and nice wiener by the way (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Chris Pratt

Wait, is that a raccoon? Dang it. Oh well, still hot.

Image via Instagram/Chris Pratt/Marvel

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Orlando Jones

Alright, that's it. I love you, Orlando, but that's ... well, that's flippin' hilarious.

Who's your favorite handsome DILF + doggie? Tweet us and share!

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