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Salma Hayek Reveals Secret to Lasting Marriage

Photograph by Getty Images

In an age when Hollywood marriages are over in the blink of an eye, there's one couple that are still seemingly head over heels in love with one another: Salma Hayek and husband François-Henri Pinault. The couple, who met in 2006 and welcomed daughter Valentina the following year, have been happily married since 2009. At a recent photoshoot for Allure, the 48-year-old Latina star looked flawless as she posed topless and gushed about Pinault like a lovestruck teenager, calling him "the perfect man."

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What does she believe the secret is to their lasting marriage? Her financial independence.

"I have a system in my life that I've chosen, where my expenses from before the marriage are my expenses," she told Allure. "I still have my independence. But he likes it... And I get a lot of respect from him."

She also credits her hubby for pushing her to jump back into her career after having their daughter — a time when she was debating retiring from the business.

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She told Allure, "he said something so beautiful: 'I don't want to be deprived of your work. I want to watch it, too. And the world has not seen the best of you yet. So you cannot stop until some of that is put out.' So he sort of really pushed me, like, 'Get up on your feet and get out there.' And he was right."

Salma also shared that she is never away from her husband or her daughter for longer than two weeks at a time. Her secret for looking great at 48? The fact that she didn't give in to advice given to her early in her career about getting anti-aging treatments and Botox.

Salma Hayek is currently producing and voicing a character in "The Prophet," an animated film based on Lebanese author Khalil Gibran's worldwide bestselling book by the same name that was first published in 1923.

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