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10 Ways Kourtney Kardashian Is the Coolest Cool Mom

What makes a cool mom? Beauty and fame certainly help. But what makes Kourtney Kardashian ultra cool is how relatable she manages to be despite her high profile life. Like any mom, her Instagram is full of candid shots of her kids, funny moments and her personal style.

Here are 10 moments that highlight Kourtney's coolest mom moments.

1. Pump it up

When I pumped breastmilk, I did it at night, sitting at my kitchen table in my bathrobe. Not so glamorous. I love that Kourtney does regular mom stuff but shares it on her mega platform—in this case, normalizing breastfeeding and pumping to her 20 million Instagram followers.

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2. Theme park daze

What mom hasn't braved the crowds at Disneyland for her kids? Kourtney shows us you can look just as lovely dressed down for a full day of being in mom mode. Sharing a carousel ride with daughter, Penelope, is a sweet moment indeed.

3. Effortless style

Like a lot of moms, I strive for that elusive combination of great style and ease of wear. Kourtney's simple but chic outfit hints at a few things about her personal style: wear essentials but dress them up with interesting textures. Who knew a loosened flannel shirt could look so good?

4. Mommy-and-me

What, you don't step around town with your child in matching Chanel espadrille flats? Kourtney definitely has one of the best shoe collections in the business, but what's most enviable about her shoe style is how well-suited it is to the busy days we moms know so well.

5. Sweat chic

I'm wearing sweats right now too, Kourtney. Alas, I do not have a makeup artist who visits my home. The fact that Kourtney doesn't shy away from low-fuss, comfy styles makes her exceptionally real. Check out the kid frames in the background, too.

6. #TBT

Like any mom, Kourtney looks back, from time to time, at life before kids. She's undeniably gorgeous post-mama, but what makes this #throwback pic so good is all the comments lamenting the loss for her ex.

7. Cool mom at work

Cool moms do cool stuff, like hanging out with Kim Kardashian on late night television.

8. Picture perfect

Her makeup style tends toward understated on most days, but having a glam squad clearly comes in handy when you want to go all out. This makes me want to break out my red lipstick, stat!

9. Family business

All the Kardashian sisters are savvy businesswomen with several projects going on at any given time. Here, Kourtney stuns in a Harper's Bazaar profile in which she discusses motherhood and their Kardashian Kids clothing line.

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10. What life is all about

That's how Kourtney describes this shot of herself with baby Mason. All moms have been here—the inexplicable mix of exhaustion and bliss. Thus, while Kourtney is undeniably cool, she's a mama through and through.

Image via REX

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