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This Celeb Couple Took Baby-Naming to the Next Level

When celeb couple Rachel Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies found out they were expecting their first baby, they went through the same rite of passage that all new parents-to-be experience—the selection of the baby name. Now most of us scour baby name websites, make lists and argue with our partners to settle on the perfect name, but the "The Orginals" actor and his wife took the baby-naming game to the next level.

The expecting parents compiled lists of over 700 names EACH, and then create a Venn diagram to see which of the 1400 names overlapped. They eventually had the list whittled down to their two top choices—Vigo and Theodore. However, they still hadn't agreed on which name they would go with by the time their son was born on April 4.

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Gilles tells People, "We just couldn't settle on a name because it's such an important decision," and goes on to share that the actors took to calling their newborn son sweet nicknames like "raisin" and "calcified alien" instead. Eventually, a name was selected, and—surprise, surprise—they decided to go with both finalists, and tack on a third name to boot, because, why not?

The name they finally settled on for their son? A very distinguished Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies.

As Gilles explains it, "In the end, he got both names: Theodore, Vigo, and my wife likes Sullivan. ... He was born on the fourth [day] of the fourth [month], and I said, 'Let's give him four names. Four seems to be his number.'"

What do you think? Did they nail it?

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