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7 Single Celeb Moms We Admire

Single motherhood is no picnic. It's hard enough with a partner. Us single moms are always looking for inspiration from our single mom sisters. And while I'm pretty sure these celeb single moms have more than a village of help, they are still inspiring. Why? Because they also have fertile careers and are kicking ass.

Yes, money helps. I'm not going to lie to you. The more money you have, the more likely you can continue to grow as an individual. When you can afford to have help, it's easier to pursue your goals. The cool thing about these women is they are doing it on their own and what help they most likely have in spades is a result of their own success.

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1. Michelle Williams

Photograph by FameFlynet

First of all, Michelle was tragically widowed with a small child. On top of that, she had to power through a harrowing private experience in the public eye and did so with grace and humility. She also pulled this all off with a fierce pixie cut that had women everywhere chopping their locks and channeling their inner Mia Farrow. Michelle rocks an effortless Brooklyn nerd-cool-frump that makes the rest of us single moms feel less shitty about dropping kids at school in our coffee-stained PJs. She also named her daughter Matilda, which screams risk-taker. This is a woman of courage and strength. I dig it.

2. Katie Holmes

She escaped the cult of Tom Cruise. That's enough to trump this whole list. It takes a village to take down a whack-job of epic proportions like Cruise, not to mention, the entire church of Scientology. And with a little help from her supportive family, she did it. Bravo. She went on to live free of crazy pants Cruise in New York City, developed some sassy street smarts and got sweaty dancing in the Hamptons with ultimate hottie Jamie Foxx. Damn, girl, talk about a 180.

Image via Instagram

3. January Jones

This story is crazy mysterious. Mother Jones has never revealed her baby daddy's identity. Girl can keep a secret. I admire that. Speculations about who Xander's dad may be have run rampant on the web, (Jason Sudakis, Ashton Kutcher, Josh Groban — ew). It's all very cool and covert. Mostly I'm impressed with how good she looks in high-waisted jeans.

Image via Instagram

4. Sophia Vagara

Photograph by Instagram

Sofia raised Manolo by herself since the tyke was a baby and she was, too. She had him at 19 and managed to do it all while striving for super stardom (and getting better and better and better looking). I guess 19 years is enough time to lose the baby weight. I should have thought of that.

5. Minnie Driver

Photograph by Instagram

Minnie had her Minnie-me, Henry, in her late 30s like all good Los Angelenos. She was all fuck-these-Hollywood-losers, I'm procreating on my own. Hell yah! She has never revealed who the dad is either. More coolness.

6. Taraji P. Henson

Photograph by Getty Images

Taraji's baby daddy was murdered when her son, Marcel, was 2. Good lord that hurts. As a solo mom, she has looked for male role models in her son's basketball coaches. Sounds like a slam dunk of an idea. Now we know where the fight comes from for Empire's "Cookie" character. She really is one tough cookie.

Image via Euroweb.com

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7. Sheryl Crow

Crow adopted both sons, Wyatt and Levi, in her mid-40s and has been soaking up solo motherhood ever since. One of the world's biggest female rock stars, Crow has won nine Grammys in the last two decades and sold more than 50 million albums. This badass mom has also survived breast cancer and a brain tumor.

"It's hard being a single mom. It's the best and hardest job in the world. I'm not a mom who phones it in or hands over to the nanny. I make myself emotionally available to my children 24 hours a day," she said.

Image via Instagram

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