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10 Things Moms Want to See in Lena Dunham's Newsletter

Dear Lena Dunham,

I've loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you. It was 2013 and you were receiving a Golden Globe award. I loved your chocolate colored dress, your hair, your tats, your speech. That I didn't discover you or your award-winning show, "Girls," sooner was because I was buried under two little babies under 2 and didn't have cable.

When I heard that you and Jenni Konner are launching a newsletter called Lenny in September, I subscribed via email right away.

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I love it already. You got me right from the tagline, "An email newsletter where there's no such things as too much information." The background slideshow of you eating donuts with your "Girls" castmates, hugging a dog and posing for a mock-up of the rousing WE CAN DO IT poster is perfection. I love that it's billed as a mixture of high and low—I can find out where Jemima Kirke gets her palazzo pants, while getting current information on abortion options.

Thank you for not making me choose between trendy nail polish and social activism. Thank you for promising diversity and making clear it's not just for "straight, white, cisdenger women." Thank you for covering the vast territory that GOOP ignores, which includes the young and broke.

While I am a few (ahem) years beyond your demographic, I plan to be an avid reader and supporter of your project. Here are 10 areas I hope your newsletter covers.

1. Race

Make your newsletter a space where real change happens for women, where social justice is something more than just a hashtag.

Please engage your readers in discussions about race. In our current cultural climate, when women like 28-year-old Sandra Bland can die in a Texas jail cell after a traffic stop, you cannot ignore these issues. Invite columnists of all races to contribute to your newsletter. Make your newsletter a space where real change happens for women, where social justice is something more than just a hashtag, and where women can unite in the solution of this country's greatest ills. You have been a vocal supporter of women's rights, but that discussion has to include race. It's imperative.

2. Sex

I want to read stories about women enjoying their sexuality. Testimonials about great positions or how to have more fun sexually with our partners in a sex positive way is something I would read and pass along to all my friends.

3. Friendship

You've achieved incredible success at a very young age. Tell us how your friends reacted to it. Any stories about friendships that withered after you achieved such great success? You're friends with Taylor Swift. Are you ever jealous of Taylor Swift's popularity? How do you manage intimate friendships when you are a public figure?

4. Book reviews

You wrote a book, so you must be a reader right? Tell us what you think of Aziz Ansari's new dating book, "Modern Love." Review Mindy Kaling's second book when it comes out this fall. I'm dying to stay in touch with the hot reads, so I'll be looking to you for the short list of your favorites.

5. Style

You have incredible style. Can you give us some tips on how to wade through all the images of size zero models on the catwalk to find something fun and funky all our own? I'm STILL dying over the red leather skirt you wore on Seth Meyers' show. Show us ladies with real curves how to pull off great style.

6. Gossip

I'm not saying you should go "Mean Girls" on us, but if you wanted to tell us what Jimmy Fallon has in his green room or what Taylor Swift has in her purse, I'd click on that every single time. Who can kick ass at Soul Cycle? Who loves the paparazzi? You have access to lots of interesting, artistic, creative, odd-ball people. Don't make me get all my juice from Us Weekly.

7. Election year information

I want information about each candidate's views on all matters affecting women.

As we head into an election year, I want information about each candidate's views on all matters affecting women and our daughters: abortion, North Korea, immigration, federal maternity leave policy, gun control, gay marriage, transgender rights.

8. TV

Give me the scoop on shows I should be watching, besides yours of course. What shows educate and entertain? Which ones are sex positive and have great female characters? What should I watch when I'm done binge-watching "Girls," "Orange Is the New Black" and "Scandal"?

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9. Sisterhood

Your book had lots of great stories about your sister (some of which created quite a stir). Can you tell us more about that relationship? How do you and your sister negotiate the public commentary on your relationship? How do you deal with competition? Has your relationship with your sister helped you form these great partnerhsips with women like Konner and your Girls' castmates?

10. Mistakes/Regrets

My favorite thing about you is your openness. I'd love to read about mistakes you've made. How did you make them right? Who helped you? What's your process for discerning how to amend your behavior once you've made a mistake? How does it feel to make mistakes as a famous person?

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