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Who Cares About Hillary Clinton's $600 Haircut?

Hillary Clinton gets a lot of flak about her appearance. From her makeup to her clothes, just about everyone has something to say about how she looks. So, it was no surprise when people were up and arms about her reportedly $600 haircut.

Last Friday, luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman was partly shut down for Hillary's hair appointment at the John Barrett Salon. Arriving with her entourage, Hillary was ushered in through the side entrance so that she could come into the salon privately. Costing $600 per haircut (and the same amount for color), the exclusive salon has been Hillary's go-to beauty destination.

Although we agree that the price tag for her haircut is a hefty, it's a shame there's so much concern over her appearance. Surely, she can do whatever she wants with her hair? If we had the money to get $600 haircuts, we might be heading to Bergdorf too.

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