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I'll Never Hire a Hot Nanny

Photograph by Rex / Rex USA

For every hot nanny, there are 10 Nanny McPhees, completely loving caregivers who no one will care to visualize naked. If we're learning anything from the split of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, and now maybe Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, it's that a hot nanny probably won't hurt your marriage, but why take any chances?

My husband and I have been married for nine years and his adoration for me increases exponentially day after day. And yet just because our bond is cemented with the mystical power of all the rainbows and unicorns in the galaxy, I think he's still a man who appreciates beauty—and hotness—in other women. While I trust him implicitly, you'll never see a hot nanny employed by us.

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Despite the sanctimonious couples out there who will claim until they're blue in the face that their relationships are rock solid and air tight, no one ever knows how temptation can arise when you least expect it. My husband has all the freedom in the world, but inside of our home, I have a limit. Flirt with a hot woman at a bar? Go right ahead, honey. Be in close quarters in our bedroom and living room couch with Victoria's Secret angel-wannabes who are not me? Nope, nope and nope.

Just as you wouldn't put a piece of fudge in front of someone trying to diet ... why bait your home (and marriage) with someone who represents something that you're not?

Hot nannies and cheating dads are a terrible stereotype, but, as is often case with plenty of stereotypes, some of it is based in truth. I've known real-life couples whose marriages have been fractured by inappropriate relationships between caregivers and husbands. And Hollywood couples have shown, us, too, that even the hottest wives and girlfriends can't always keep a man's eyes and hands to himself.

Besides Ben Affleck and Gavin Rossdale (who may or may not be suspected of taking a dip in the nanny pond), Ethan Hawke married his kids' nanny (and he was married to Uma Thurman), Jude Law cheated on then-fiancee Sienna Miller with the nanny, too, and Robin Williams left Wife No. 1 for his kids' nanny.

Of course there are countless other celebrities who don't cheat on their spouses with the hired help, and even more real-life people who have far too much integrity to break their marriage vows. And surely marriages that fall apart due to infidelity—with the nanny or anyone else—were ones that were rocky in the first place. But just because there's a chink in the armor doesn't mean that it needs an added incentive to fall apart.

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Just as you wouldn't put a piece of fudge in front of someone trying to diet or a beer in the hands of an alcoholic, why bait your home (and marriage) with someone who represents something that you're not, which is often someone younger, unattached and more carefree than you were before you had the kids who necessitated you hiring someone to help with them? As loyal and loving as a partner may be, there's no telling what might make someone just like Oscar Wilde, who famously said he can "resist everything but temptation."

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