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10 Ways Celeb Divorces Make Us Feel Better

When I saw on my Facebook feed that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were getting divorced, I initially thought, "Wow, that sucks!" I mean, they have kids, right?

My second thought was not so nice: Wow, the hubs and I are actually making a better go of this than a pair of rich, beautiful celebrities? Cool. I mean, marriage is hard. Schadenfreude makes it easier.

Here are 10 other ways celeb marriage failures make we, the public, feel good about our own struggles with long-term partnership:

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10. It reminds us that having boatloads of money doesn't solve all our problems.

9. It shows us that being really, really good-looking doesn't make us immune to infidelity.

8. It means that celebs really are "just like us." Yep, they buy toilet paper and eat burritos and eff up their relationships. No one is any different.

7. They get bored, too. There's something comforting about the image of Gwen and Gavin, or Jen and Ben, sitting side-by-side on the couch, each looking at their iPhones, eating takeout and vaguely watching Netflix.

Gavin was less-famous Gwen. Did he have a hard time with his wife's success? Can anyone name a song by the band Bush?

6. Nothing that bad has happened. I know that personally, in order to look a little kid in his sweet face and tell him that Mommy and Daddy aren't together anymore, some bad shit had to go down. If you're shit isn't that bad, rejoice!

5. It makes us remember that there is no fairy tale. All marriages, even the ones featured in Vogue, take work.

4. You'd never have to "go public" with the news. Telling friends and family would suck. Telling the whole world would be even worse. Be glad that there are only a handful of people who would even care that you split up.

3. It makes you remember that you (hopefully) got married for the right reasons. That's not a guarantee that your marriage will work, but it's a good starting place.

2. It makes you appreciate your man. If your guy is supportive, remember that's not always the case. Gavin was less-famous Gwen. Did he have a hard time with his wife's success? Can anyone name a song by the band Bush? These are tough questions.

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1. Because you had the good sense to hire an ugly nanny. Unlike all of these famous women, you aren't parading treats in front of your man. Good for you, girlfriend. You are one step ahead of the game.

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