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If The 'Peanuts' Kids Grew Up Which One Would You Be?

Charlie Brown is making me ugly cry—actually mascara-crying like a reality TV star would be on the reunion show. Seriously, I might not be able to keep it together.

I'd be completely embarrassed, except everyone around me in the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Calif., (surrounded by everything "Peanuts") seems to be ugly crying, too. See, when it comes to Charlie Brown and the gang, we all feel a close personal connection. I grew up reading "Peanuts" comics and eagerly awaited the "Peanuts" TV specials each and every year. I felt as though I knew Lucy, Linus and Sally as if they were real. I felt like they were my friends. And since I'm standing in a museum filled with grown-ups who are getting lumps in their throats as well, it's pretty clear that the kids from "Peanuts" mean a lot to all of us.

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I've been invited to tour the museum and interview the cast of "The Peanuts Movie," which comes out on November 6. If you haven't been, the museum is some excuse for a gift shop. It's a carefully curated, wonderful retrospective started by and dedicated to the life and work of "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz.

As I tour the museum, it occurs to me that there's one thing missing from the "Peanuts" comics: adults. Sure readers never saw any adults in Charlie Brown's world, but the characters also never aged. We never got to see them become adults. I kind of want to know if Lucy and Charlie Brown ever got together. And what about Peppermint Patty and Marcie? Why was Marcie always calling her "Sir"?

But chances are if we got to see Sally, Linus and Schroeder grow up, we'd see just as much of ourselves in them as we did as kids. Honestly, doesn't every one of our kids' schools have a Lucy running the Parent Association?

If the "Peanuts" kids grew up into adults, which character would you be?

Charlie Brown, The Dad Who Can't Change a Diaper

As a kid, he was an everyman who always met every obstacle with hope and determination. As a dad, Charlie Brown would be the ultimate wonk who'd be thrilled to watch cartoons with the kids because he loves them, too. But when it comes to chores like changing diapers, Charlie Brown would probably be that befuddled new dad who can't figure out how you know which side of the diaper is the front or the back.

Lucy, The PTA Mom

The bossiest kid in town will surely grow up to be the bossiest mom in the preschool parking lot. She's not a mean mom, but she does tell it like it is — even when no one asks.

Peppermint Patty, The Ultimate Soccer Mom

She was the leader of the baseball team as a kid, but grown-up Patty's love of sports wouldn't change. She's the ultimate soccer mom who never misses a game and never misses a chance to let the ref know he's made a terrible call.

Linus, The Dad Who Never Grew Up

Remember that one kid in college who always had his special pillow or childhood blanket? That guy is Linus, all grown up. But even though he still carries his blankie, he's still got wise and thoughtful things to say and is still in a "bromance" with Charlie Brown.

Sally, The Nervous Mom

As a kid, Charlie Brown's younger sister was known to be a bit of a drama queen. Now that she's an adult and a mom herself, Sally is the resident expert on everything. That's because she never makes a parenting decision without saying, "Let's Google it!"

Pigpen, The Husband You Never Send to Costco

Pigpen was a bit of a mess as a kid. As an adult, little has changed. He means well, but if you send grown-up Pigpen to Costco for toilet paper and milk, he'll probably come home with a canoe and a big-screen TV. Hmm, sounds like almost every husband I know. Mine, in particular.

Franklin, The Business Guy

Every group of friends has a guy like Franklin who can multitask without missing a beat. That's why Franklin would probably grow up to be the business guy who never puts down his phone, and never makes a deal he couldn't turn into gold.

Marcie, The 'Is She or Isn't She' Mom

Sure Marcie always had a crush on Charlie Brown, but didn't it seem like she really had a crush on Peppermint Patty? Even as an adult, everyone always wonders about Marcie. We'll never know, but she does call everyone "Sir."

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Chances are we'll never get to see how the "Peanuts" gang turned out as adults, but we do get to enjoy them forever as kids. I know I'll be first in line this fall for "The Peanuts Movie." I'll just make sure to bring a ton of tissues. Even though the movie will be chock-full of hilarious jokes, Charlie Brown and his buddies always give me snot tears as they remind me of my own childhood. I'm pretty sure I won't be alone. Don't worry, I'll bring enough Kleenex for all of us.

Image via Twentieth Century Fox & Peanuts Worldwide LLC

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