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True Confessions of a Former Celebrity Nanny

Photograph by Getty Images

Editor's Note: For privacy and non-disclosure reasons, the names of the celebrities the author worked for will not be revealed.

I had the pleasure of being a high profile nanny for a number of years. Working for stars has its definite perks and challenges. As a former celebrity nanny I'm here to tell you that it's not all the tabloids make it out to be.

Famous people really are just people. They aren't perfect and they still have to do things like change diapers, handle tantrums, and kiss boo-boos.

Even if they have a nanny.

Having a nanny doesn't mean that they don't parent. Although admittedly, it does mean they have professional help parenting, which is a luxury far more alluring than a Maserati for most non-celebrity folks. Professional nannies work very hard; they care deeply about the children they care for and the family that employs them.

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Those of us who care for a celeb's children have the added challenge of protecting their privacy and providing a sense of normalcy in an often abnormal environment. These added challenges are, of course, off set with excellent pay and the chance to visit exotic locations and exclusive events. It should be noted however, that a working trip to the beach is still work and wrangling a sleepy toddler at an exclusive event does dim the glamour quite a bit.

You might think that you know a celebrity because you've seen them in countless interviews and follow them on Twitter, but the truth is they're often much different in real life. When you work in someone's home, especially in the highly personal role of caring for their children, you get to know their off stage persona. This is not to say that all celebrities are unlikeable, but simply to say that the blinding light that makes you star struck fades quickly. I got the chance to work for extremely kind people, but this isn't always the case. One thing that I observed in meeting a number of people you would recognize on the street is that they tend to be surprisingly insecure. Fame and confidence do not go hand in hand.

Being a celebrity nanny isn't nearly as glamorous or sexy as it may seem. If you love kids it's a great way to earn a living, but it's not a path to fame or an opportunity to hook-up with a star.

And to answer the question everyone is really wondering, no most nannies don't choose the job in the hopes of an affair. These gals who choose to cavort with their employers are giving the rest of us a very bad name. I was never even remotely placed in an uncomfortable position, but I can say with absolute certainty that I would have rebuffed any advances.

A good nanny, of which most are, cares most about the children. I would never do anything to hurt a child and having an affair with their father would absolutely constitute harm. In saying this I am in no way excusing the cheating father, who clearly should bare the largest burden of blame. However, as a former nanny I just can't get my head around actually going through with it. Even if you didn't get along with the mother, even if you were attracted to the father, even if you were worried about losing your job—it is just so deeply wrong.

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Being a celebrity nanny isn't nearly as glamorous or sexy as it may seem. If you love kids it's a great way to earn a living, but it's not a path to fame or an opportunity to hook-up with a star. Almost all celebs have nannies, but most of them are quite good at their job, which means they are well out of the frame of the paparazzi pictures.

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