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Shakira Lends Voice and Hips to 'Gazelle' in Disney's 'Zootopia'

Photograph by Getty Images

Shakira will voice the role of Gazelle in Disney's "Zootopia," which lands in theaters in March 2016. How exciting is that, mi gente?

The upcoming animated film opens nationwide March 4 and is directed by Byron Howard ("Tangled") and Rich Moore ("Wreck-It Ralph"). Picture the city of Zootopia as a "mammal metropolis…like no other," made up of zoo habitat-like neighborhoods. It is a melting pot where animals of all kinds can live together and any animal of any size can achieve their dream. Of course there are plot thickeners along the road.

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The announcement that the Colombian superstar with hips that don't lie is the voice of Gazelle was made at D23 Expo by Shakira herself via a taped message. How perfect is that? Oh, and FYI, Gazelle is only the biggest pop star in Zootopia — typecast much?

It's hard not to notice the physical and stylistic resemblances between Shakira and her animated alter-ego, Gazelle. For one, they both have enviably-shapely hips and they must share the same stylist because their outfits are totally swappable. (Anybody remember Shakira's rockin' red outfit, as seen above, from performing at the 2014 Brazilian World Cup closing ceremony?)

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Photograph by Disney

And what would the point be of casting Shakira as Gazelle be without having her sing? That would be a waste of talent, so of course Shakira will be singing "Try Everything" an original song for the film that goes along with the film's can-do attitude.

Other voices to keep an ear out for include Ginnifer Goodwin as Officer Judy Hops (the first bunny on the police force) and Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde (a less than trustworthy fox).

Will you and your kids be checking this film out? We can't wait to see it. We bet Shakira can't wait to watch it with her kids, too!

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