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10 Hot Football Players We Can't Wait to Watch

Football season has unoffically started! I don't watch football, but I do LOVE man humans who play sports. I will always happily watch a match of any sport-like activity no matter what the club or team or whatever. World cup? I'm in. Boxing? Sure thing. The Superbowl? Every single year—have you seen the pants they wear? It's like they were created by baby angels who appreciate a nice glute on a man as much as I do. Why work for those hammies if you aren't gonna show 'em off?

After extensive research, I have compiled a list of super hot football players and will post them in no particular order (except maybe my favorite one will be last).

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J.J. Watt - Houston Texans

Image via Instagram

Reggie Bush - San Francisco 49ers

Image via Instagram

Jimmy Garoppolo - New England Patriots

Image via Instagram

Danny Amendola - New England Patriots

Image via Instagram

Kam Chancellor - Seattle Seahawks

Image via Instagram

Tom Brady - New England Patriots

Image via Instagram

Eric Decker - New York Jets

Image via Instagram

Cooper Helfet - Seattle Seahawks

Image via Instagram

Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers

Image via Instagram

Olivier Giroud - Arsenal

Image via Twitter

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He's technically not an American Football player, but a footballer nonetheless. And he's so flipping handsome I can't stand it. In fact, you need to see him in motion...

Who's your favorite? Did we miss him? Tweet us if we forgot someone spicy!

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