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12 Reasons Charlie Hunnam Would've Been an Amazing Christian Grey

Show of hands: Who saw "Fifty Shades of Grey"? All of us? Great.

We all know that guy did a great job because he's an unbelievably sexy beast, but did you know our man Charlie Hunnam was the first choice and had to back out because of "Sons of Anarchy"? After he broke the news, he cried a little and I hugged him a little, then we recreated "Fifty Shades" in my laundry room with tube socks to cheer him up. I think it did the trick.

"It was the most emotionally destructive and difficult thing that I've ever had to deal with professionally. It was heartbreaking," he said.

Poor Charlie.

Luckily someone will write a sexy role for him soon—it's only a matter of time before someone finds all the erotic fan fiction I have written about him and gives me a movie deal, right?

In the meantime let's enjoy some photos and remind ourselves what an amazing Christian he would have been.

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First things first, he's super hot.

Photograph by: Men's Health

Also, he's got a pretty great body (if you are into that kind of thing).

Photography by: Popsugar

He looks gorgeous in a suit.

Photograph by: Pinterest

Every time he looks at you with those eyes your clothes just fall off.

Photograph by GQ

He even looks hot lying down, which hopefully he does LOTS of when he's with you.

Photograph by: Entertainment Weekly

Did I mention he has kind of a nice body?

Photograph by Men's Health

If you keep looking at me like that we will never get anything done...

Photograph by: Entertainment Weekly

No, seriously, I have stuff to do.

Photograph by: Instagram

Ok, you win.

Photograph by: Vanity Fair

Why don't you take off your shirt?

Photograph by V Man

Put your sexy S&M face on, and ...

Photograph by: V Man

Oh my.

"When Im between jobs, I need to work out a lot for my sanity. If I weren't an actor, I'd be the fittest motherfucker on the block."

We've got plenty of cardio on deck for you, Charlie.

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Now, let's see if we can make you forget your name.

I've totally forgotten mine.

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