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10 Sexy Movies to Spice Up Date Night

Photograph by Photofest

I still can't bring myself to watch "Fifty Shades of Grey." It's not the kinky sex that bothers me, but the fact that we're supposed to watch it for the kinky sex. That's too much pressure for two tired parents on a date night in the family room.

So, home with my husband and our Netflix account last week, we passed on Christian Grey and his mistress and searched instead for a movie that would stimulate the mind as well as the senses.

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We ended up watching "Body Heat," a summer steamer in which, at one point, William Hurt has to smash a glass door to get to a smoldering hot Kathleen Turner on the other side. If you haven't seen it, make it your next date night movie. Just be ready with a bathtub full of ice when the credits roll.

After you've watched "Body Heat" check out these 9 other thrilling films that will satisfy on every level.

2. "Unfaithful"

You will almost forgive Diane Lane for cheating on Richard Gere when you see what she does with Olivier Martinez. Director Adrian Lyne calls his movie, "an erotic thriller about the body language of guilt." I call it terrifying … and hot.

Photograph by: Twentieth Century Fox

3. "Eyes Wide Shut"

In Stanley Kubrick's final film, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who were married at the time, play a married couple. The provocative pollen features orgies, prostitutes and beautiful masked people getting it on in the name of religious sex rituals. You will get totally hooked, but you may need to go to confession after you've finished watching.

Photograph by: Warner Bros.

4. "Mulholland Drive"

While you must watch David Lynch's highly acclaimed psychological thriller for the unnerving plot twists, you will get a different kind of satisfaction from Naomi Watts and Laura Haring's titillating sex scene.

Photograph by: Universal Pictures

5. "Match Point"

While Woody Allens' 2005 drama is not an erotic thriller, the story is thrilling, and Scarlett Johansson is so damn erotic in her role as the manipulative other woman.

Photograph by: Dreamworks

6. "Brokeback Mountain"

There is a reason that straight men resist Ang Lee's highly acclaimed film in which Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger fall in lust, then love, while working as sheep herders on a Wyoming ranch. Basically, straight men are afraid of just how hot that tent scene really is.

Photograph by: Focus Features

7. "Swimming Pool"

What can I say? This unquestionably erotic thriller is partially in French, so you have to be willing to deal with some subtitles. If you can't deal, you will still understand the language of heavy breathing as brought on by the highly uninhibited Ludivine Sagnier. Ooo la la.

Photograph by: Focus Features

8. "Wild Things"

The plot is crazy fun, and so is the famous threesome scene featuring Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon. Nuff said.

Photograph by: Columbia Pictures

9. "No Way Out"

I first watched this movie sitting next to my in-laws in their living room after Thanksgiving dinner. We were all caught up in the compelling opening when a sex scene in a limousine suddenly had us twitching with embarrassment. Without my in-laws, watching that scene could have been a very different experience.

Photograph by: Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer

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10. "The Last Seduction"

Linda Fiorentino should have become a major star after playing a devious femme fatale who steals her husband's drug money then leaves town to find the next dupe. Good. Gritty. Sexy.

Photograph by: ITC

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