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You Know You're an Instagram-Obsessed Mom When ....

Photograph by Instagram

I have this soft spot for Instagram. It's my favorite form of social media. And from what I gather I'm not the only mama who is an Instagram enthusiast.

While I haven't garnered a huge following and my photos aren't swoon-worthy to the masses, Instagram has become my Internet sweet spot. It has allowed me to chronicle pieces of my family's journey and has impacted my life in countless other ways, too (I'm @hismrshermr come say hi). There have been times when I've wanted to quit the Internet but I just can't let go of IG, at least not yet—maybe not ever.

If any of these things have happened since you've started using Instagram know that you are not alone. Because #truestory.

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1. You've gotten a bit more creative with your kid's lunches. Thanks to those cool lunch boxes you found on IG. #rockthatlunch

2. You implement a no phone time frame at home because YOU are the one who struggles to leave the phone alone.

3. Your toddler knows what Instagram is and even pretends to take pictures for it.

4. You see potential in a great wall, whether it be brick, stucco, a mural or covered in graffiti. Go ahead and #rockthatwall or at least have your kiddos rock it.

5. You no longer underestimate the power of shoes #fromwhereIstand or a beautiful floor #Ihavethisthingwith floors. Whether you post photos of shoes or floors or not, you appreciate them.

6. Your kids and/or spouse roll their eyes when you say you want to take "just one more photo."

7. You've started taking more pictures with your children. Realizing that the fact that you were there matters more than your current waist size or attire. #projectyouandme #Iwastheretoo

8. You've been reminded that beauty can be so many things—from a thoughtfully staged photo worthy of Pinterest to a messy living room photo that accurately captures the season you've found yourself in. It's OK to curate something beautiful and it's OK to look for the beauty in what is. #realmamalife #parentingforreal

9. Family selfies #felfie #usie

10. You've contemplated getting Periscope and Snap Chat but you hardly used Vine and aren't convinced you can handle another social media account. #tbt to #myfirstpostonvine.

11. When unable to sleep you scroll through Instagram.

12. And when crowd sourcing—need a recipe, an opinion or some advice—you post a photo and ask a question. And you always get answers. Good ones.

13. You've experienced an increase in your spending after discovering all of the things your children need—things like metallic moccasins (love them!) and headbands (!!)—and things you need too—an awesome agenda, oils, a great handbag and a witty tee shirt. You shop at places you've never even heard of until you happened upon them on Instagram.

14. You've imagined you and your family frolicking in a field. Family photo season is coming. #goals

15. You've been reminded that you can dream big dreams and go after them. #girlboss #momboss We're all over IG showing our children, and the world, that motherhood isn't a barrier to our dreams but a catalyst.

16. Perhaps you've noticed that you are slightly out of shape and the #whole30 hashtag has piqued your interest.

17. But there are so many new foods you want to try and after a few scrolls you realize that you're sort of hungry. Photo-induced cravings are real. Raise your hand if you've ever cooked something you saw on Instagram.

18. At times you've felt inspired to quit sugar. Other times? (See No. 17)

19. You've realized how universal the magic of childhood is. #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #youaremywild

20. You regularly wish children you've never met the happiest of birthdays (and their mamas too).

21. You've felt inspired to rock your hair in its natural state and go makeup-free.

22. You've started working directly with someone you met on Instagram.

23. Curious about a new product or brand? You don't just google them, you check them out on Instagram.

24. You've asked your family to hold on before eating to take a photo.

25. You've gotten the urge to redecorate your house or maybe a shelf or two #shelfie

26. Your eyes have been opened to important causes that you hadn't even known existed, showing you that you can be an agent of change and a helper online, too.

27. Your favorite quotes list has grown immensely.

28. You know what accounts to go for great recipes, fabulous outfits, must-have products for your kiddos, suggestions for your next read or some much-needed inspiration.

29. Long lines and wait times are for Instagramming.

30. You speak emoji.

31. You grinned a little when you came up with that clever hashtag.

32. You've scrolled through beautiful photos and wondered if you're enough. You've wondered if life would be better if you looked or lived a certain way. You've wondered if you are doing it—life —all wrong. Remember not to let comparison rob you of your joy. Don't spend so much time longing after someone else's grass that you forget to water your own. Our job is to be the best we can be and help our loved ones as they strive to do the same. If your time on social media results in you feeling small, envious or less grateful it may be time to take a break. A glimpse at someone else's life shouldn't determine the value of yours. Log off and report back to real life. Look at those beautiful babies for an instant reminder that you are indeed doing something right.

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33. You've found your people. The crazy thing is you haven't even met many of them IRL. And yet it feels like they get you. You manage to feel close to them even if they live miles and miles away. They lift you up when you're sad, tell you to "werk it" when you are finally getting your groove back and remind you of the best parts of the Internet: the people. You're not here for the stuff that fills these squares (or full length photos thanks to the update #holla) you're here for them—your people, your tribe.

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